On to Medical School

Our students receive expert and ample guidance when it comes to preparing for and applying to medical school. From the very beginning of the program, we treat each student as an individual and provide personalized advising. We take into account each student’s immediate goals for medical school and long-term goals within the medical profession.

Whether they wish to pursue one of our many linkage opportunities or obtain glide year experience prior to applying and enrolling in medical school, students are counseled through every step of the process. We conduct workshops and advise on topics, including: the details of the primary application, secondary applications, essays, interviews, and the MCAT. Our guidance is complemented by presentations from an array of medical school admissions deans from across the country.

Through these measures, we help students decide which schools would be the best fit for them, and nearly 100% of Hopkins post-bac students have been successful in their application to medical school. In the last five years, 88 medical schools nationwide offered admission to our students, and many also received significant merit scholarships.