George Anderson

George Anderson

Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University, 2023 

“The JHU postbac not only provided me with an excellent foundation in the sciences, but also helped me learn how to organize my time and accomplish multiple academic pursuits simultaneously. Upon starting medical school, I felt that I had an advantage compared to my peers due to my experiences in the JHU postbac.

Day to day at JHU was spent studying for classes or participating in my medical tutorial at Johns Hopkins Hospital. I’d spend my evenings studying at the libraries on campus with my classmates. I’d take breaks to go on runs, go to the gym, or play squash at the Hopkins squash courts. On the weekends, I was able to go out and explore Baltimore.

My medical tutorial was in a research lab called the PathakLab within the Johns Hopkins Hospital department of Radiology. At the Pathaklab I learned how to conduct basic science research, and was able to apply my previous knowledge of 3D modeling from studying architecture towards prototyping a miniature microscope to image brain tumor angiogenesis in mice.

After my postbac, I spent a year doing medical research in dive medicine in Durham, NC, and a year working as an EMT in my hometown, Seattle. I’m now a medical student at the Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University.”

George Anderson completed the postbac program in 2018. Before joining the program he studied landscape architecture at Cornell University. After his junior year, he spent a summer shadowing a cardiologist and volunteering in the ER, which led him to apply to the JHU postbac program right after graduation.