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The University Writing Program’s mission is to help students become agile writers: people who understand writing as an intellectual practice and a way to make things happen in the world. We pursue this mission through our courses, partnerships across campus, and budding collaborations with the communities of Baltimore City.

In all of our work, we are committed to inclusive pedagogy that invites students and colleagues into a lifelong practice of writing.

The Johns Hopkins University Writing Program: Reintroducing Writing

We approach writing as an adaptable process of inquiry and action, as deeply informed by reading, and as reflective, embodied, and always emerging practice. In this course, we rethink writing in ways that will help students throughout college, their professional career, personal life, and civic responsibilities in a democracy.

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Matthew Pavesich and the public humanities

In spring 2024, Pavesich started a term as the public humanities officer for the Rhetoric Society of America, a position which includes stewardship of the Rhetorics for All collection of public humanities projects. He also has a chapter about his...