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The University Writing Program (UWP) mission is to help students become agile writers: people who understand writing as an intellectual practice and a way to make things happen in the world. We pursue this mission through our courses, partnerships across campus, and budding collaborations with the communities of Baltimore City.

In all of our work, we are committed to inclusive pedagogy that invites students and colleagues into a lifelong practice of writing.

The Johns Hopkins University Writing Program: Reintroducing Writing

We approach writing as an adaptable process of inquiry and action, as deeply informed by reading, and as reflective, embodied, and always emerging practice. In this course, we rethink writing in ways that will help students throughout college, their professional career, personal life, and civic responsibilities in a democracy.

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UWP hiring new faculty 2024-2025

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The University Writing Program is running a search for a Senior Lecturer position beginning in 2024-2025. Learn more about the position and apply here.

AI and psychedelics with Neşe Devenot

Neşe Devenot

In Neşe Devenot’s paper, “TESCREAL hallucinations: Psychedelic and AI hype as inequality engines,” they argue that the hype behind the AI and psychedelics industries are interconnected. Based on rhetorical analysis, Devenot presents evidence that these parallel hypes are driven by a cluster of colonial ideologies that justify accelerating inequality. Despite promises to fix the world’s...

TextGenEd Book Launch: Carly Schnitzler co-edits


Join UWP in celebrating the book launch of Carly Schnitzler, and co-editors Annette Vee and Tim Laquintano’s edited collection on AI and other text generation technologies. A little about the collection: Generative AI is the most influential technology in writing in decades—nothing since the word processor has promised as much impact. Publicly-accessible Large Language Models...