Faculty in the majors are integral to ensuring that students grow as writers across their four years at Hopkins. The benefits of integrating writing instruction across the curriculum are two-fold. First, students need the help of faculty within a discipline to understand what it means to write effectively  in a particular  field, since what counts as “good writing”—including even the meaning of seemingly transparent terms like evidence and analysis—is context dependent.

Second, writing sparks critical thinking and is one of the most effective ways to encourage deep engagement with course content. Thoughtfully designed, ungraded writing exercises can improve student performance on exams; enhance critical thinking; and reduce achievement disparities between first-generation students and their economically advantaged peers. 

Please consider giving us feedback on the kinds of writing support you would like to see by filling out this short survey. If you’d like to have a conversation about writing in your course or program of study, send a message to [email protected]

The Toolkit

To support faculty who want to enhance the use of writing in their classes, we developed the Teaching Writing Toolkit. The Toolkit distills best practices for teaching writing and provides models for doing so.

Concepts and Practices

Accessible, up-to-date guidance on teaching writing in the disciplines.

Model Library

Sample materials including assignments, syllabi, rubrics, and more from a wide range of disciplines.  

We hope that the toolkit will energize the culture of writing and writing pedagogy at Hopkins by creating a platform for faculty to share successful and creative approaches to teaching writing.