“I want to build a writing program that is a leader in innovative pedagogical approaches. […] I want us to be the folks that people want to partner with for cool new classes, new initiatives, new projects. I want to send the message that we’re open for business. Our mission spans the entire campus. We can’t do our job without being connected to everybody.” 

Dr. Matthew Pavesich (Director).Under Matthew Pavesich, Krieger offers expanded writing instruction.

Mission Statement

The University Writing Program (UWP) seeks to guide students in developing their writing in two ways:

1. writing to learn—to clarify concepts and organize thinking; to better understand oneself, others, and the world

2. writing to communicate—to engage with diverse audiences in multiple genres and modes; to persuade, express, analyze, interact, and more.

To reach these goals, UWP teaches students about rhetoric, critical thinking, writing processes, and conventions of writing in academic disciplines and many other contexts, while providing numerous and varied opportunities for practice. The UWP offers first-year writing (Reintroduction to Writing, AS 004.101) and diverse upper-level courses; we also collaborate across Homewood to support writing instruction across the curriculum for undergraduate and graduate students. In all its work, the UWP is committed to inclusive pedagogy that invites our students and colleagues into a lifelong practice of writing.

We hope you’ll join us!
Contact us: uwp@jhu.edu