The University Writing Program is running a search for a Senior Lecturer position beginning in 2024-2025. Learn more about the position and apply on interfolio.

UWP Teaching Fellows

The University Writing Program welcomes two types of Teaching Fellows (TFs): Postdoctoral TFs and graduate student TFs. The program therefore invites recent Johns Hopkins PhDs and current graduate students with teaching experience to apply for teaching fellowships.

All fellowships are awarded for one year, pending satisfactory completion of the Teaching Writing Workshop (TWW) and Writing Center (WC) training in the fall. Fellowships for subsequent years are possible, depending on satisfactory performance and UWP’s teaching needs.

  • Graduate student TFs who successfully complete the TWW and WC training in the fall will teach one section of Reintroduction to Writing (Reintro) in the spring.
  • Postdoctoral TFs who successfully complete the TWW and WC training in the fall will teach three sections of Reintro in the spring. Postdocs also join UWP colleagues in the intellectual and pedagogical work of UWP and are welcome participants in UWP faculty meetings.

The Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship is a 9-month appointment paid over 12 months. Salary and benefits begin on July 1 and run through June 30 of the next year; the PhD defense must take place before July 1.

Compensation for graduate student TFS is the same as the package graduate students receive through their home departments. The university is currently in negotiations with TRU-UE, the graduate student union. The results of that negotiation may affect the standard graduate stipend.

Applications for all teaching Fellowships are due the Friday before spring break.

Questions about the application process can be addressed to Sandy Koullas, the Teaching Fellows Coordinator: [email protected].

Department Writing Fellows

The University Writing Program is piloting a new program for departments working on delivering Foundational Ability #1 (Writing and Communication): “department writing fellows,” a new type of graduate assistantship. The goal is to meet multiple needs, including:

  • Providing departments with material support as they deliver new writing requirements in the major, a recent change across the Krieger curriculum
  • Supporting graduate students, as they prepare for the job market, with training in writing pedagogy and faculty mentoring

Graduate students can come to these positions in two ways:

  • They apply of their own volition and if selected, would be assigned by the UWP to a department in need of help designing and delivering FA #1
  • A department identifies a writing-oriented curriculum project and endorses a grad student’s application for this internal project

Full and part-time fellowships are available. We have extended the application deadline for full-time fellowships in 2024-2025 and will continue to review applications as they come in through the end of May. Applications for part-time positions may be submitted anytime and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

If interested, fill out the application.

Questions about the application process can be addressed to Rebecca Wilbanks, Associate Director of the UWP for Writing in the Majors ([email protected]).