Anne-Elizabeth M. Brodsky

Anne-Elizabeth M. Brodsky

Associate Teaching Professor + Associate Director

46 Gilman Hall

Anne-Elizabeth M. Brodsky has taught in the University Writing Program since 2007. Her courses have centered on education, race, literature, and friendship in the US. Her BA is from Haverford College and her MA and PhD from the University of Chicago. Her dissertation, Teach the Nation: Pedagogies of Racial Uplift in US Women’s Writing of the 1890s, was published by Routledge in 2003.

Outside the classroom, Professor Brodsky has sought to enrich a sense of intellectual community on campus, with particular attention to pedagogy, equity, and inclusion. She is a co-founder and faculty director of the Common Question. She served as co-chair of the Women Faculty Forum from 2016-19 and as a member of the Johns Hopkins Diversity Leadership Council from 2010-16. She is a regular presenter for the JUMP and Hop-In programs and collaborates with Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation on workshops for faculty, grad students, and postdocs. A faculty mentor on the Baltimore Scholars Steering Committee, she is a LGBTQ Safe Zone participant, member of the FLI Network, lapsed violinist in the Hopkins Symphony Orchestra, and Baltimore City Public Schools parent.

Before joining the faculty, Prof. Brodsky was a senior program manager at the JHU Center for Talented Youth, where she ran summer programs for academically talented students in grades 2-9 and oversaw curriculum development. She also taught at the City Colleges of Chicago and Ida Crown Jewish Academy and worked in academic summer programs on the east and west coasts, Nanjing, and the US Virgin Islands.


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