Research/Training Grants

The East Asian Studies Program is resuming awarding grants for summer and fall travel for training or research. Unfortunately, because of university restrictions, we are only able to provide grants to graduate students who must travel this year to make progress toward completing their degree.

A grant for international research can provide up to $2,000 and for domestic research can provide up to $700. Priority will be given to first-time applicants. Recipients for research grants will be required to present their findings at a student symposium in the spring.

Application Deadlines

Grant applications for travel during the summer and/or fall of 2021 are due by Friday, April 30.

Submission Materials

Submissions must include:

  1. A completedĀ Application form.
  2. A proposal that includes a budget. Because of ongoing concerns about the Covid 19 pandemic, in your proposal you mustĀ detail safety measures for the trip (both in travelling and in the place to be visited) and explain the need to travel this summer or fall to make progress toward completing your degree. Choose the type of proposal that is applicable to the purpose of your trip:
    • For a research trip: a 3-5-page research proposal that describes the research question, an overview of existing scholarship, research methodology, travel location(s), local hosting institution, a detailed budget, proposed schedule, and research output (e.g., seminar paper). If HIRB approval is required for your research, explain the status of your application.
    • For training participation: a 2-page proposal that includes travel location(s), local hosting institution, a detailed budget, proposed schedule, and goal of the trip (e. g., how the training will enhance your research).
  3. A formal letter of recommendation from a faculty member. For research grants, the letter should be from the faculty member who will be mentoring the research project. Letters should be sent directly to the EASP director.

Please submit all materials to Joel Andreas, Director, East Asian Studies Program at . Email subject: EASP Research/Training Grant.