Research/Training Grants

The East Asian Studies Program is pleased that we are now able to resume awarding grants to both undergraduate and graduate students for summer and fall travel for training or research

A grant for international research or training can provide up to $2,000 while a grant for domestic research or training can provide up to $700. Priority will be given to first-time applicants. Recipients of research grants will present their findings at a student symposium next academic year.

For international travel, undergraduate students must also apply for approval from the Global Education Office and meet with one of their advisers as part of the approval process. For more information please visit the Global Education Office website or write

You may apply for both the Ho Family Summer Study Abroad program and the East Asian Studies Research/Training Grant, but you may only accept funding from one or the other.

Application Deadlines

Grant applications for the summer and/or fall of 2022 are due by Friday, March 18.

Submission Materials

Submissions must include:

  1. A completed Application form.
  2. A proposal. Choose the type of proposal that is applicable to the purpose of your trip:
    • For a research trip: a 3-page research proposal that describes the research question, an overview of existing scholarship, research methodology, travel location(s), local hosting institution, a detailed budget, a proposed schedule, and research output (e.g., a seminar paper). If HIRB approval is required for your research, describe the status of your application.
    • For training participation: a 2-page proposal that describes the location, the institution, the nature of the program, how the training will fit into your academic requirements at Hopkins as well as your broader intellectual and professional development plans, as well as the status of your application to enroll in the proposed program.
  3. A copy of your unofficial transcripts.
  4. A letter of recommendation from a faculty member. For research grants, the letter should be from the faculty member who will be mentoring the research project. Letters should be sent directly to the East Asian Studies Program director.

Please submit all materials to Joel Andreas, Director, East Asian Studies Program at