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  • faculty

  • Joel Andreas

    Program Director
    Professor, Sociology

    PhD, UCLA
    • Mergenthaler 554
    • 410-516-7325
    • Research Interests: Political contention, social inequality, and social change in contemporary China
  • Giovanna Maria Dora Dore

    Senior Lecturer and Associate Director, East Asian Studies Program

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
    • Mergenthaler 246
    • Research Interests: Comparative politics, democratic legitimacy, authoritarian legacies, and East Asia
  • Rebecca M. Brown

    Professor, History of Art

    PhD, University of Minnesota
    • Gilman 182
    • 410-516-0345
    • Research Interests: Politics and modernity in the visual culture of South Asia from the 18th century to the present; the art of East, Southeast, and South Asia since antiquity
  • Kent Calder

    SAIS Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs and International Research Cooperation, SAIS Director of the Edwin O. Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies

    PhD, Harvard University
    • Research Interests: Japan, northeast Asia, energy issues, energy and security, international political economy, strategic and security issues
  • Erin Chung

    Charles D. Miller Associate Professor of East Asian Politics

    PhD, Northwestern University
    • Mergenthaler 365
    • 410-516-4496
    • Research Interests: Politics of East Asia, with particular interests in citizenship, immigration, and civil society in Japan and South Korea
  • Yulia Frumer

    Bo Jung and Soon Young Kim Professorship of East Asian Science
    Associate Professor, History of Science and Technology

    PhD, Princeton University
    • Gilman 380
    • 410-516-7507
    • Research Interests: East Asian science and technology
  • Clara Han

    Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Anthropology

    PhD, Harvard University
    • Mergenthaler 463
    • 410-516-2864
    • Research Interests: Poverty, disease and illness, care and violence
  • Lingxin Hao

    Professor, Sociology

    PhD, University of Chicago
    • Mergenthaler 509
    • 410-516-4022
    • Research Interests: Rural-to-urban migration and its impact on social inequality in China
  • Satoru Hashimoto

    Assistant Professor, Comparative Thought and Literature

    PhD, Harvard University
    • 410-516-7619
    • Research Interests: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean literatures and cultures; modernities and modernisms; comparative literature, aesthetics, and intellectual history; aesthetics and justice; post-secularism; world literature
  • Ho-Fung Hung

    Henry M. and Elizabeth P. Wiesenfeld Professor in Political Economy, Dept. of Sociology and SAIS

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
    • Mergenthaler 523
    • 410-516-7051
    • Research Interests: Capitalist development, state formation, and protest in China and Asia at large from global and long-term historical perspectives
  • Lijing Jiang

    Assistant Professor, History of Science and Technology

    PhD, Arizona State University
    • Gilman 367
    • (410)516-7505
    • Research Interests: History of biology and biotechnology; history of food and the environment; twentieth-century China and Asia
  • Yuki Johnson

    Yuki Johnson

    Director of the Center for Language Education

    PhD, University of Minnesota
  • Hayang “Yumi” Kim

    Assistant Professor, Department of History

    PhD, Columbia University
    • Gilman 330A
    • 410-516-7575
    • Research Interests: 19th- and 20th-century Japan and Korea; medicine and religion; folk culture; colonialism; history of women and gender
  • Huei-Ying Kuo

    Senior Lecturer, Sociology

    PhD, SUNY-Binghamton
    • Mergenthaler 533
    • 410-516-6493
    • Research Interests: Chinese diasporic business networks, Japanese and British imperialism, as well as Chinese nationalism in East and Southeast Asia
  • Andrew Mertha

    SAIS George and Sadie Hyman Professor of China Studies, Director of the SAIS China Studies Program

    PhD, University of Michigan
    • Research Interests: Bureaucracy, institutions, Leninist party systems, policy making and implementation, US-China Relations, Sino-Khmer relations
  • Tobie Meyer-Fong

    Professor, History

    PhD, Stanford University
    • Gilman 330C
    • Research Interests: History of late imperial and modern China, with particular focus on issues of conflict, commemoration, and literary culture
  • William T. Rowe

    John and Diane Cooke Professor of Chinese History

    PhD, Columbia University
    • Gilman 324
    • 410-516-7580
    • Research Interests: Modern East Asia, especially socioeconomic, urban history
  • John Yasuda

    Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
    • Mergenthaler 363
    • 410-516-7540
    • Research Interests: Regulatory governance, bureaucratic politics, and comparative political economy in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.
  • staff

  • Kevin Kind

    Graduate Student Assistant

  • affiliated faculty

  • Victoria Cass

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
  • Gaochao He

    Yeung Visiting Distinguished Professor

    PhD, Political Science, University of Chicago
    • Mergenthaler 242
    • Research Interests: Social transformation, labor politics, and the changing labor relations among the state, trade union, managers and workers in China.
  • Marvin Ott

    Marvin Ott

    Professorial Lecturer and Visiting Scholar, SAIS

    PhD, The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University
    • 202-663-5815
    • Research Interests: Southeast Asia, East Asia, and the Pacific; intelligence production and oversight; U.S. foreign and security policy
  • Andrea Worden

    Andrea Worden

    WIlliam A. Reinsch Practitioner - Instructor

    MA, Stanford University; JD, Stanford Law
    • Research Interests: China's engagement with the United Nations' human rights mechanisms
  • Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Laura Ha Reizman

    Postdoctoral Fellow in Korean Humanities

    PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
    • Mergenthaler 258
    • Research Interests: Critical race and mixed-race studies, transpacific area studies, Asian and Asian American literatures, visual culture, gender & sexuality studies
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