Course schedule information for each semester can be found on the JHU Public Course Search.

Please consult the course listing for the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPS) in the university catalog for full course descriptions of many ENVS courses. Note that courses numbered 270 include environmental, earth, and planetary science courses; those numbered 271 are exclusively ENVS courses, many of which emphasize social science perspectives.


Courses that can count as ENVS electives are indicated in the schedule of classes by a Program of Study (POS) tag labeled ENVS-MAJOR or ENVS-MINOR. Elective offerings for the majors and minor vary from term to term and include a wide variety of options ranging from the humanities and social sciences to the natural sciences and engineering. Some examples include:

  • AS.060.114 – Expository Writing: Science Fiction and Climate Catastrophe
  • AS.070.433 – Sustainable Design
  • AS.140.398 – Godzilla and Fukushima: Japanese Environment in History and Films
  • AS.150.482 – Food Ethics
  • AS.190.396 – Capitalism and Ecology
  • AS.190.451 – Geopolitics
  • AS.211.327 – Italian Eco-cinema: Inconvenient Truths from 1945 to 2015
  • AS.230.348 – Climate Change and Society
  • AS.270.220 – The Dynamic Earth: An Introduction to Geology
  • AS.270.305 – Energy Resources in the Modern World
  • AS.270.317 – Conservation Biology
  • AS.270.318 – Remote Sensing of the Environment
  • AS.270.325 – Introductory Oceanography
  • AS.270.332 – Soil Ecology
  • AS.270.338 – Field Methods in Ecology
  • AS.270.353 – Forested Landscapes
  • AS.270.379 – Atmospheric Science
  • AS.270.400 – The Carbon Cycle
  • AS.271.315 – Environmental Films and Literature
  • AS.280.335 – The Environment and Your Health
  • EN.520.370 – Introduction to Renewable Energy Engineering
  • EN.570.222 – Environment and Society
  • EN.570.314 – Microbial Ecology
  • EN.570.406 – Environmental History
  • EN.661.110 – Professional Writing and Communication: Sustainable Baltimore Initiatives