Undergraduates majoring in ENVS may apply for accelerated status toward an MS in Environmental Sciences and Policy or an MS in Geographic Information Systems through the JHU Krieger School of Arts & Sciences’ Advanced Academic Programs (AAP). Interested students should speak with their adviser and the director of the program of interest in their senior year to learn more about these AAP programs and what they have to offer.

ENVS students may apply up to three courses taken as undergraduates toward the MS in Environmental Science and Policy and up to two courses toward the MS in GIS, thereby leaving only seven to eight more courses to complete the MS following receipt of their bachelor’s degree. ENVS students will receive two separate degrees, so the requirements of both degrees must be fulfilled. Students cannot earn the MS degree without completion of the BA or BS, however, students who do not complete the MS retain their BA or BS.

Pursuit of the MS degree need not occur directly after the bachelor’s degree. ENVS graduates can apply to the programs with accelerated status one or more years later.