The Environmental Studies minor in the ENVS program provides an opportunity for students majoring in other fields to develop expertise in environmental and sustainability issues in a way that complements their other area(s) of study.


The minor requires at least 18 credits of coursework comprised of courses focused on environmental and sustainability topics.

Gateway Courses (6 credits)

  • AS.270.103 Introduction to Global Environmental Change
  • AS.271.107 Introduction to Sustainability

Electives (12 credits)

At least 6 of the 12 credits must be from courses at the 300-level or above. Approved electives are indicated by a Program of Study (POS) tag labeled ENVS-MINOR. Elective offerings vary from term to term and include a wide range of options from the humanities and social sciences to the natural sciences and engineering.

Most, but not all, of the approved electives for the minor are the same courses as those approved as electives for the majors. For a list of example electives, see the Courses page.

Environmental Sciences Minor

Note that the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering in the Whiting School of Engineering offers a separate Environmental Sciences minor which has significantly different requirements and is managed by that department.