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ENVS majors must choose to pursue either a BS in Environmental Science or a BA in Environmental Studies. These two majors share a common core of required courses plus additional requirements unique to each major.

Common Core Courses Required for all ENVS Majors

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
AS.271.103Introduction to Global Environmental Change3
AS.271.107Introduction to Sustainability3
AS.270.205Introduction to GIS and Geospatial Analysis3
AS.270.336Freshwater Systems3
AS.271.401Environmental Ethics3
AS.271.403Environmental Policymaking and Policy Analysis3
AS.271.505Senior Capstone Seminar4
AS.271.509Applied Experience1
AS.180.102Elements of Microeconomics3
Choose one of the following:
AS.190.102Introduction to Comparative Politics3
AS.190.104International Politics3
AS.190.111Introduction to Global Studies3
AS.190.209Contemporary International Politics3
AS.190.226Global Governance3
Choose one of the following:
AS.270.308Population/Community Ecology3
Choose one of the following:
AS.030.101Introductory Chemistry I3
AS.030.103Applied Chemical Equilibrium and Reactivity4
Choose one of the following:
AS.110.106Calculus I (Biology & Social Sciences)4
AS.110.108Calculus I4
Choose one of the following:
AS.230.205Introduction to Social Statistics4
AS.280.345Public Health Biostatistics4
EN.553.111Statistical Analysis I4
EN.553.211Probability and Statistics for the Life Sciences4
EN.553.310Probability and Statistics4
EN.553.311Probability and Statistics for the Biological Sciences and Engineering4

BS in Environmental Science – Additional Requirements

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
Environmental Science Core
If AS.030.103 Applied Chemical Equilibrium and Reactivity is not taken:
AS.030.102Introductory Chemistry II3
Choose one of the following:
AS.110.107Calculus II (Biology & Social Sciences)4
AS.110.109Calculus II4
Choose two of the following:
AS.020.151General Biology I3
AS.020.152General Biology II3
AS.171.101General Physics: Physical Science Major I4
AS.171.103General Physics I for Biological Science Majors4
AS.171.107General Physics for Physical Sciences Majors4
AS.171.102General Physics: Physical Science Majors II4
AS.171.104General Physics: Biology Majors II4
AS.171.108General Physics for Physical Science Majors4
Lab Experiences Three science lab courses are required, either as separate courses or as 4- or 5-credit lecture courses with a lab section. Approved labs include but are not limited to:
AS.030.105Introductory Chemistry Lab I1
AS.030.106Introductory Chemistry Lab II1
AS.173.111General Physics Laboratory I1
AS.173.112General Physics Laboratory II1
AS.020.153General Biology Laboratory I1
AS.020.154General Biology Laboratory II1
AS.270.221The Dynamic Earth Laboratory2
AS.270.337Freshwater Systems Lab1
Focus Area (Including at least 12 credits at 300-level or above; requires adviser approval.)15
 Total Credits:71-76.5

BA in Environmental Studies – Additional Requirements

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
Environmental Studies Core
AS.180.101Elements of Macroeconomics3
AS.230.202Research Methods for the Social Sciences3
AS.271.302Exploring Nature4
Focus Area (Including at least 12 credits at 300-level or above; requires adviser approval.)12
Total Credits:65-66.5