Full-time Applicants

Each of the Krieger School’s 26 full-time masters or doctoral programs uses the same online application. There are different requirements for admissions depending on your student status and the program to which you are applying. 

If you applied last year but were not admitted, please apply again. Deferred applicants must contact their intended department to reactivate their application from last year.

Other Types of Applicants

  • Combined BA/MA programs
  • Visiting scholars or researchers
  • Non-degree seeking visitors
  • Internal graduate applicants (switching programs)
  • Interdisciplinary Humanistic Studies students (current PhD students)

Students applying for these programs should contact their intended department before they can start an application.

Except in approved joint programs, the intention to pursue more than one doctorate program (for example: PhD/DMA/EdD/MD, etc.) degree simultaneously must be approved by the Homewood Graduate Board before the end of a student’s first year. 

More information about policies for visiting students and scholars is available on the Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs website.