Cost of Attendance

The Krieger School offers comprehensive financial assistance to graduate students via fellowships, research assistantships, teaching assistantships, postdoc positions and other academic employment possibilities, and tuition waivers. Federal loans and work study are available on the basis of financial need to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. All full-time, resident, doctoral graduate students in the schools receive free health insurance. The university does not provide housing for graduate students.

2023-24 Tuition Costs

Tuition and fees and other non-degree costs for full-time graduate students vary by academic year. There may be extra charges for taking classes in either the intersession or in summer. 

Full-Time$62,840 annually / $31,420 per semester
(Non-resident Fee: $6,284 annually)
KSAS Part-Time Tuition Per Course$6, 284

2023-2024 Full-Time Cost of Attendance 

Cost of attendance is an estimate of a student’s expenses based on federally established guidelines. This includes the direct cost of a matriculation fee, and indirect cost estimations based on student survey data of living and other expenses that do not appear on a bill. Actual costs may differ. 

Fees and expensesCost
Matriculation Fee$500 
Living Expenses, Housing (Off-Campus)$11,266  
Living Expenses, Food (Off-Campus)$7,828  
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses$1,226  
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment$1,498  
Transportation (Average)$598  
Average Loan Fees, Federal Direct Student Loan$178  
Average Loan Fees, Federal Graduate PLUS$936  

* Average Federal Direct loan fees are added to the student budget when a student accepts a Federal Direct loan.

**If you are a student living in housing on a military base or for which you receive a basic allowance under section 403(b) of title 37 of the United States Code, please contact SEAM to discuss how this may affect your cost of attendance. 

Please Note, Health Insurance:

Health insurance is required for all students and is automatically billed.  The cost of Johns Hopkins University Health Insurance for 2023-2024 is $3,116 ($1169 Fall / $1947 Spring). Currently, all full-time, resident, doctoral graduate students in the schools receive free health insurance.  Please consult with your departmental insurance administrator for specific cost-related questions. 

Students with special circumstances for unanticipated expenses (see the FA-Budget Adjustment Request Form for examples) can request a budget adjustment to their cost of attendance that may allow for additional federal loan borrowing eligibility. 


Many departments are able to offer some fellowship funding to PhD students, but it is usually not the same for masters students. There are several fellowships which provide financial awards to assist in the recruitment of graduate students from diverse backgrounds, including underrepresented minority students, women, and students from economically or socially disadvantaged circumstances.

Postdoctoral Positions

Please visit the website of your intended faculty or department to look for available positions. You can also search standard professional and academic websites or publications (such as for postings.