URSCA Grant Applications Now Open!

Undergraduate students in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences are welcome to begin their applications for our undergraduate research awards. Peruse our one-year research grants here. When you’re ready, begin your application for a one-year research award. If you are interested in the three-year Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, it has a separate application and later deadlines. Please see the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship page for more information.

The first phase is the pre-application, due October 23, which requires a draft abstract, draft proposal, and draft budget summary. Following the pre-application phase, students will receive feedback and guidance to revise their materials for the final application, which is due on November 27. Our website offers a detailed explanation of the full application process.

Not sure what to apply for or where to start? Attend one of our upcoming grant info sessions or research proposal workshops! All info sessions and workshops can be found on our Events page.