To Be, or Not to Be (A Researcher)? A Portrait of a Humanities Student as a Woodrow Wilson Research Fellow

Holly Nelson ’23 reflected on her experience as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow for the Hopkins Insider blog. In her post, she discusses the evolution of her research project and how she came to produce four scholarly works, all under the umbrella of history and theater studies. She also talks about how she used her fellowship money — including on trips to the Library of Congress, building her own collection of books, presenting at conferences, and even seeing Broadway shows!

Below is a brief excerpt; click here for the full feature!

“Between working in the archives, discussing my research with my mentor, and gaining inspiration from the other Wilson Fellows in my cohort, I can safely say that the Wilson Fellowship has been a highlight of my Hopkins experience! This fall, I’ll be starting my Ph.D. in English at the University of Michigan, where I hope to build on the exciting work I began as a Wilson Fellow. This fellowship helped me discover a passion for research that I never knew I had!”