Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Teaching

All postdoctoral and graduate student teaching positions are filled for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships and Graduate Student Instructorships

The University Writing Program invites recent Johns Hopkins PhDs and current graduate students with teaching experience to apply for one-year teaching positions. These competitive positions include participation in a fall workshop in the teaching of writing and the teaching of one or more spring sections of first-year writing (Reintroduction to Writing, AS.004.101). Read more about the course here.

The Positions

Postdoctoral teaching fellows are:

  • Appointed for one year, with the possibility of a second year
  • Paid salary + benefits for an appointment that spans July 1st through June 30th of the following year (PhD defense must precede the start of the appointment)
  • Participates in a fall pedagogy workshop of the fellow’s first year with the UWP and assigned 3 sections of FYW (First Year Writing) in the spring (postdocs do not teach in the fall of their first year in the position)
  • Involved in a special research project for the UWP in collaboration with other postdocs and faculty
  • Invited and encouraged to attend and participate in regular faculty meetings and to be involved in the intellectual and social life of the UWP 

For more detailed information, download the full description of the postdoctoral position.

Graduate student instructors are:

  • Appointed for one year
  • Paid on a 9-month version of the full 12-month Krieger funding with standard graduate student benefits; home departments are invited to “top up” the funding through the summer, if they so choose
  • Participants in a pedagogy workshop in the fall of their first year with the UWP and assigned 1 section of FYW in the spring (graduate students do not teach in the first fall with the program)

Postdocs and graduate students, in the fall of their first year with the UWP, will participate in a community of pedagogical practice, the Teaching Writing Workshop. The Workshop will replace teaching in that semester. The Teaching Writing Workshop is designed to introduce participants to the ideas and teaching practices of the field of writing studies, as well as the vision and approach of the UWP specifically, and to offer a space for participants to design their subsequent spring semester first-year writing courses. The workshop will meet on a typical graduate seminar schedule of one 2+ hour meeting per week, and it will include faculty, postdoc, and graduate student participants. It may be taken for credit, should graduate students be so inclined, but it need not be. The workshop considers the big questions about writing – what is it, how does it work, and how can I teach it? – and invites participants to apply their answers to these questions through the design of writing assignments, course syllabi, and thoughtful, inclusive pedagogical techniques. The courses that participants design in the fall will be what they teach in the spring, and the program encourages innovative approaches including multimodal and public writing, community engagement, and more. The UWP imagines this workshop as both a way to invite participants into its new vision for the teaching of writing and as a significant professional development opportunity for both postdocs and graduate students.


The number of positions will fluctuate from year to year. Typically, applications will be sought and accepted during March of each year. Precise deadlines will be updated on this page early each spring semester. If you are a graduate student, please consult your faculty adviser before applying.

Your application should include the following:

  • A cover letter, describing your background as a teacher and writer
  • Curriculum vitae
  • A brief proposal for writing class, informed by the UWP’s description of Reintroduction to Writing
  • A writing sample of no more than 5–7 pages (excerpts are fine).

Please submit applications to