Established in 1995, the University Writing Program (UWP) Writing Center offers Johns Hopkins undergraduate and graduate students free, individual conferences on their writing with experienced tutors, all of whom are trained to consult on written work in a variety of genres. The Writing Center welcomes all Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and Whiting School of Engineering students. 

The UWP Writing Center has partnered with the Bloomberg School of Public Health and the School of Education to offer peer tutoring for graduate students through their schools. You will see their schedules when you visit WCOnline to schedule an appointment. 

Writing Center tutors work with students on a range of college writing assignments and at any stage of the writing process. We can help you clarify your essay’s focus, develop a thesis, structure your argument, produce clear transitions, integrate sources, revise a draft, and develop editing techniques.

The Writing Center’s goal is to help students develop their own writing abilities and to become skilled readers of their own prose. We aim to help writers create better writing and to learn about their own writing processes so that they can continue developing their abilities with us and on their own.

Statement of Linguistic Justice
At the Johns Hopkins University Writing Center, we see linguistic justice as essential to our work. Therefore, we welcome all languages and their natural diversity, understanding that a writer’s identity and language are inherently connected. We strive to assist writers to acquire the discourses of the academy while also resisting the homogenization or norming of student expression. We encourage our writers to use their authentic voices in our center, throughout the academy, and beyond.

Quick Facts

The Writing Center works on:

  • Academic writing: up to 10 pages per consultation of writing including
    • Essays
    • Research papers
    • Undergraduate or masters theses and doctoral dissertations
    • Assignments that require formal prose summary, explanation, analysis, interpretation, or argument, whether in humanities, social sciences, or STEM fields
    • Creative writing assignments needing a general response
  • Personal statements and short responses for applications to masters and PhD programs or professional schools, including the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS)
  • Applications essays
    • Study abroad
    • Internships
    • Graduate school or transfer

For Technical Communication: Please consult the Technical Communication Lab at the Whiting School of Engineering for technical writing, business memos, reports, or presentations, visual or multimedia works, and ESL classes. 

If you would like help with your resume, CV, or cover letter, please contact the Life Design Lab.

For Faculty

We work together with Johns Hopkins faculty as often as possible. Please check our Faculty FAQs page to find out how we can support your students.