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Tutoring Staff

Writing Center Director

Robert Tinkle

Dr. Robert Tinkle

Fall 2021 Tutors

  • Michele Asuni
  • Ellie Buscemi
  • Sophia Franchi
  • Mathias Insley
  • Alex Lewis
  • Paige Maultsby
  • Sonomi Oyagi
  • Paige Vinch

Staff Awards

Each year, the Writing Center acknowledges tutors who have shown sincere dedication in working with students.


  • Outstanding Undergraduate Tutor: Rudy Malcom
  • Outstanding Graduate Tutor: Alex Lewis
  • Outstanding Shift Director: Jarvis Young


  • Outstanding Undergraduate Tutor: Kaylynn Sanders
  • Outstanding Graduate Tutor: Christopher Consolino
  • Outstanding Shift Director: John Sampson


  • Outstanding Undergraduate Tutor: Curran McSwigan 
  • Outstanding Graduate Tutor: Meaghan Charlton
  • Outstanding Shift Director: Beth Mendenhall