Undergraduate Tutors

Early in the Spring semester, the Writing Center will advertise for undergraduate tutors through student employment (and other relevant venues) for the following year. In addition, the Director will send a letter to instructors of writing-intensive courses. The letter will ask these instructors to identify students whom they have taught over the past year and who have the greatest potential to be outstanding tutors. Because of the length of the training program and the desirability of maintaining staff continuity, only rising sophomores and juniors are considered. Criteria for selection include writing and listening skills, since both are crucial to productive consultations. Because tutors read papers from a range of disciplines, prospective undergraduate tutors should also have intellectual versatility. Next, the WC director will contact students who have expressed interest in tutoring and invite them to apply.

Application Process

The application materials consist of a letter of interest, a WC application form, a writing sample, and an interview with the Director and one or two current tutors.

Upon successful completion of the interview process (in mid spring semester), selected applicants will be invited to enroll in a six-week, 1-credit training course during the fall semester. The course is pass/fail and is usually held once per week in the evening.

Once prospective tutors have completed the course, they will be invited to observe and lead consultations at the Writing Center. During this process, undergraduate tutors will be monitored by senior members of the Writing Center staff.

Completion of the required course does not automatically guarantee a job at the Writing Center. When more people complete the course than the Writing Center can accommodate, tutoring positions are awarded to the most qualified candidates, determined by the Director of the Writing Center in consultation with staff.

Graduate Tutors

All graduate students may apply for a position at the Writing Center.  Preference is given to candidates who can demonstrate their willingness to work at the Center for a number of years (at least two) and who have advanced training in the teaching of writing, especially through the University Writing Program. Other factors in the consideration of new graduate tutors include disciplinary coverage among the staff as a whole and special expertise in areas under-represented by the existing staff. 

Application Process: Any graduate student interested in becoming a tutor must submit a writing sample and an application form to the Director of the Center. The applicant may then be invited for an interview.