Studio North

Studio North is a student-run organization designed to facilitate student filmmaking on campus. Created in collaboration with the Film Society and Film and Media Studies Program, and funded by the Homewood Arts Programs, we give students a chance to gain experience in making high-quality films on fully realized film sets. In short, we are a film production company for JHU.

Our goal is to encourage students to create films outside of the classroom environment, to allow students to gain skills that will be useful in the film industry upon graduation, and to enable student filmmakers to produce high-level work that would be appropriate for submission to film festivals. To accomplish this, we give out two sizable filmmaking grants per year.


Two $1,500 grants will be given to ambitious projects that demonstrate the need for extensive funding. These projects will be either documentary or narrative, and will require a significant crew of students from the undergraduate student body. The applicants must demonstrate an ability to lead a project of this size.


All undergraduate Johns Hopkins students may apply.

Types of Accepted Projects

Projects may be either fiction or documentary. Experimental work (animation or live action) is also acceptable. Accepted film proposals will be for shorts only. Projects should run no longer than 20 minutes, including all credits.

The Selection Process

Stay tuned for more information about the grant application process, which will officially begin in the spring. The process of selection will occur in multiple stages, and will be an opportunity for applicants to get feedback on their proposed projects. Selections are made by the Executive Board, the committee of students that runs all Studio North operations. In order to increase chances of selection, prospective filmmakers are encouraged to get involved in Studio North events and workshops throughout the year.

Required Materials

Students must submit either a finished script (for narrative projects) or a research plan (for documentaries). This is to be submitted as a component of a “pitch packet,” which also includes:

  • A detailed budget, with projected figures for all aspects of production (including festival submission fees)
  • A proposed shooting timetable, giving a clear sense of the scope of the project
  • An evaluation of the key creative personnel’s experience that will be relevant for the project
  • A statement on why Studio North should fund the project.

Proposals will be evaluated by the Executive Board in three stages:

  1. Written proposals will be read by Board members. They are then ranked, and approximately half move on to the next round.
  2. Pitches are presented in person, with the creative personnel of a proposed production presenting to the Executive Board. They will be given feedback during this meeting.
  3. After deliberation, two projects are selected. Feedback and direction are given to enable students to begin the best process possible.
Promoting Your Film

This organization is geared toward promoting student filmmaking from beginning to end. This includes the process of getting it seen. When recipients are awarded a grant, they agree to submit the finished work to film festivals upon completion. Funds for travel to these festivals are available upon acceptance. In addition, an on-campus premiere will occur in the spring for awardees to showcase their finished films!


Deadlines will be released later in the semester and proposals are to be submitted to Grant awardees will be selected Spring 2017. For more about this application and selection process, see our Facebook page or our website, where all relevant information, including application procedures and materials, are posted.

Welcome to the ground floor of filmmaking. Good luck on your way up.

The Executive Board

  • Executive Chair Brian J. McConnell
  • Production Chair Lydia Milano
  • Production Chair Matisse Rifai
  • Script Chair Chloe Soares
  • Marketing Chair Rachel Callahan
  • Finance Chair Siwei Bian
  • Talent Chair Isaac Lunt