Give to the Future of Film & Media Studies

The JHU Program in Film and Media Studies is experiencing a period of exponential growth. We are adding faculty members, new courses, specialized equipment, and many new FMS majors. Without the generosity and support of those who have given to the FMS program in the past, and those who will in the future, this would not be possible.

Giving to the FMS program provides scholarships for students in need; allows students to have opportunities that may otherwise not be accessible, such as studying abroad or obtaining an internship; and allows the program to expand its scope with the growing demand of larger classes and more students.

With a gift to the JHU Program in Film and Media Studies, you are helping to build and sustain an extraordinary training ground for undergraduate filmmakers.

To make your gift by credit card today, complete this secure online giving form. If you have any questions about making your gift, call 410-516-3400 or email [email protected]. When giving online, please select “other” in the area to designate a gift of support. Then type “Film and Media Studies Program” in the Please describe box.

How Will Film & Media Studies Use Your Gift?


It is clear that the industry is rapidly phasing out the use of film. But as a pedagogical tool that demands discipline and rigor, that teaches essential skills different from training in digital, and that opens up rich theoretical questions about the nature of film, we are committed to retaining film training. Our film production courses, which we offer every semester, are in great demand and regularly have long wait lists. Consequently, our film equipment is heavily used and requires dutiful maintenance and upgrades. The program currently has four Arri S/B cameras that students use on a regular basis. Donor opportunities in the area of production are especially welcome. Some possible gift areas include: additional Arri cameras; camera accessories like tripods, magazines, covers, etc.; purchasing film for production courses.

We also seek to expand our curricular offerings to include a comprehensive digital video sequence that encompasses all aspects of digital production. By compounding film production and digital production knowledge, our students will graduate with superior industry skills. Funding opportunities in the digital production track include: digital video cameras (also used in our animation courses); digital accessories; software for the editing suites.

Visiting Artists and Professionals

The Program in Film and Media Studies is working hard to establish a visiting artist program that would provide more opportunities for our students to work with professionals from the centers of the industry in LA and New York. We wish to sponsor professionals in all areas of production—e.g., screenwriting, editing, cinematography, sound, business practices—for anything from one-day seminars to semester-long courses. If you are an alumnus who would like to volunteer to participate, please contact Linda DeLibero. Additionally, giving to the Film and Media Studies Lecture Series will provide honoraria for the visiting artists.

Travel and Enrichment Opportunities for Students

Recently, we were able to sponsor an intersession course for our students that took place at the Sundance Film Festival. The experience allowed FMS students an unprecedented opportunity to meet with industry professionals, attend lectures and world premieres, and to witness firsthand how films are marketed in one of the most crucial venues in the world for independent film. We would like to make this and similar opportunities available to students and faculty on a regular basis. Some of our students need supplemental funding to attend such events. Scholarship funds for student travel—to film festivals, conferences, and workshops—are a pressing need for the program.

Ongoing Events and Film Series

The Program in Film and Media Studies wishes to program regular film series and lecture/screenings for both JHU and the community at large. A film series on specific subjects and directors, film festival screenings, academic film lectures, one-time screenings of new releases with filmmaker Q&A, and other culturally stimulating events are highly important to our students’ education, as well as raise community awareness of the FMS program. Giving to the Film and Media Studies Lecture Series at any level will support these endeavors.