Alumni Profiles & Testimonials

“Our professors showed us how films touch on every aspect of the human experience, why certain films have such cultural relevance, how they inform how we live.” —Jane Miller ’04, playwright and screenwriter

Film and media studies majors pursue diverse careers that draw upon the ideas and concepts they discussed and debated over their four years of undergraduate study. Their creativity and critical thinking ability, which they developed through their course work, has prepared them to address real world challenges.

Here are some of the many extraordinary alumni of Johns Hopkins University’s Program in Film and Media Studies, in their own words.

Andrea Massaro

Andrea Massaro

MFA Producers Program at UCLA

Class of: 2015

Andrea Massaro

I remember like it was yesterday when Film and Media Studies professor John Mann told me, “You’d make a great producer.”  FMS was crucial in giving me the confidence to pursue a career in film and television.  With amazing instructors, creative challenges, and incredible support during my four years in the program, I felt prepared to tackle anything the industry threw my way.  I was fortunate to attend  the MFA Producers Program at UCLA, have turned in the first draft of my thesis, and am set to graduate in June 2017.  In the last two years, I’ve produced six projects ranging from a feature to a web series to a music video, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with several high-level producers. I currently intern in development and production at 2.0 Entertainment on the Sony lot, working for a producer I admire who, in turn, admires my ability to take on anything he asks with a positive attitude.  I’ve also started a filmmaking collective with three other FMS graduates here in Los Angeles.  We focus on producing content we’re passionate about.  I wouldn’t have had these opportunities without Hopkins Film and Media Studies.  Because of FMS I have a strong sense of who I am and what I want to  do, and I still hope to become a great producer one day.