Film Society

The Johns Hopkins Film Society is an extracurricular group dedicated to providing a fun and enriching experience for all students interested in film. With weekly meetings and DVD screenings, as well as monthly larger film screenings, a film-themed annual journal, and a film festival that receives submissions from across the country and around the world, students are provided with numerous opportunities to get involved. Each semester, the Film Society puts on a student-run film series programmed by its members. Film series programmed in past years include “Dante’s In-film-o,” a series designed to trace out the circles of Dante’s Hell with screenings from Eastern Promises to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory; “The Freudian Slips,” a series of films selected to embody a different facet of Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, with films ranging from Psycho to Mulholland Drive; and series that highlighted various directors, producers, and actors.

Film Society members hone skills in programming, advertising, budgeting, and projecting to put together the annual Johns Hopkins Film Festival, a festival run entirely by students. The Johns Hopkins Film Festival is nationally known, and draws both feature-length and short films from all across the country and world. The festival usually receives close to 300 submissions, from which students select the films to show, and create a schedule of three full days of cinema.

The Johns Hopkins Film Society provides exciting opportunities for students to expand upon their knowledge and love of film. All are welcome. For more information, contact [email protected], and like the Film Society Facebook page.

Film Society Executive Board

  • Jordan Holleran, President
  • Mia DeAngelo, Vice President
  • Bridget Carr, Treasurer
  • Novie Truitt, Executive Board Member
  • Varen Talwar, Executive Board Member
  • Ry Luna, Executive Board Member
  • Tank Intrieri, Executive Board Member

Studio North


We hold weekly general body meetings where members give updates on current Studio North projects, lead workshops on how a film set functions, and discuss our general love for all things film. Studio North is made up of six committees: Production, Screenwriting, Marketing, Programming, Talent, and Finance. Each fall, Studio North welcomes new students to join these committees and become involved with Studio North projects. Executive Board Chairs lead weekly meetings for their respective committees, aiming to help members develop their skills while strengthening the Studio North community.

Each spring, Studio North provides funding to a select few student filmmakers. In addition to funding, we work with the grant winners through developing and improving their scripts, planning and executing their production, and helping filmmakers distribute their films.

The Writers Room

The Studio North Writers Room is a fully functional television writers room in which undergraduate students of any major can work together to write two short television series. Members also gain access to guest writer weekends and master classes.


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