Behavioral Biology Core Courses

  • 200.208 Animal Behavior
  • 200.141 Foundations of Brain, Behavior, and Cognition
  • 080.250 Neuroscience Lab
  • 290.101 Human Origins

Upper-level courses (300-level or above) are required in two areas, social sciences and behavioral sciences. Often, lower-level courses are prerequisites for upper-level courses. Major requirements cannot be taken on a pass/fail basis.

Laboratory courses do not count as upper-level science courses. Courses in humanities and social sciences, both upper- and lower-level, may be taken with the pass/fail option, except for the courses listed as required for behavioral biology. Calculus may be taken in either sequence 110.106-107 or 110.108-109. Both are acceptable for medical school and for the behavioral biology program. However, 110.106-107 is usually more appropriate for this major.

Students are required to take Statistical Analysis I and II (550.111 and 550.112). A background in statistics is required for many psychology PhD programs.

New Biology Requirements

Students will need to take two of the following biology options. Students can use any combination of the following:

  • AP Bio – must be with a 5
  • Gen Bio I with lab
  • Gen Bio II with lab
  • Biochem with lab
  • Genetics with lab
  • Cell Bio with lab

Students interested in careers in organismal biology and ecology are encouraged to take courses such as A Guided Tour of the Planets (270.114), Population and Community Ecology (270.308), and Ecology (570.205). These courses can count under the Distribution Requirements category on the checklist.