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  • Behavioral Biology Program Committee

  • Christopher Honey

    Assistant Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

    PhD, Indiana University
    • 410-516-6521
    • Ames 227
    • Research Interests: Computational Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Kirsten Bohn

    Kirsten Bohn

    Director of Undergraduate Studies
    Assistant Research Professor and Lecturer, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

    PhD, University of Maryland College Park
    • 410-516-8876
    • 410-516-6008
    • Dunning 418
    • Research Interests: Evolution of vocal complexity
  • Additional Faculty

  • Amy Balanoff

    Lecturer, Psychological and Brain Sciences

  • Chris Kraft

  • Administrative Staff

  • Amelia Dizo

    Amelia Dizo

    Administrative Secretary

  • Kelly Thammavong

    Kelly Thammavong

    Academic Program Coordinator

  • Linda M. White

    Linda M. White

    Academic Program Administrator

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