See below for past and current students experiences in research and internships for Behavioral Biology – they include examples of what they did and how to go about finding opportunities!

Lauren Martin

Class of 2024

Lauren Maytin helped develop a survey given to more than 500 people ages 18 to 24 in summer 2020. She was lead author for the resulting article, “Attitudes and Perceptions Toward COVID-19 Digital Surveillance: Survey of Young Adults in the United States,” published in the January issue of Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Leigh Kindler

Class of: 2021

Internship: Bat Lab

Working with bats is truly a one-of-a-kind experience because they are not commonly studied in research labs. By getting involved in research early, you can see what you like and do not like to do during research.

Mackenzie Simon-Collins

Class Of 2023

Mackenzie is a senior studying Behavioral Biology and Public Health Studies. She was recently accepted to the Nemours Summer Undergraduate Research Program (NSURP), which has locations in Delaware and Florida. […]

Stacey Tang

Class Of 2024

The Behavioral Biology major has given me the opportunity to develop a critical lens when analyzing data and materials that are presented to me.