Student Experiences

See below for past and current students experiences in research and internships for Behavioral Biology – they include examples of what they did and how to go about finding opportunities!

Lauren Martin

Class of 2024

How willing are young people to engage in phone-based “digital contact tracing” to curb the pandemic? Sophomore Lauren Maytin discusses research on the topic in the Spring 2021 issue of […]

Leigh Kindler

Class of: 2021

Internship: Bat Lab

Hi! My name is Leigh Kinsler. I majored in Behavioral Biology and minoring in Psychology. I do research in the Bat Lab on campus. Our research focuses on Eptesicus fuscus, commonly […]

Mackenzie Simon-Collins

Class Of 2023

Mackenzie is a senior studying Behavioral Biology and Public Health Studies. She was recently accepted to the Nemours Summer Undergraduate Research Program (NSURP), which has locations in Delaware and Florida. […]

Stacey Tang

Class Of 2024

This summer I am working as a Program Assistant for the Community Impact Internship Program (CIIP) through the Center for Social Concern. As a program assistant, I help with organizing […]