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DREAMS 2018 is coming April 27, 2018

ALL undergrad’s are encouraged to register and present & ALL faculty, staff, post docs, grad students, non-presenting undergrads, friends, family and alumni are encouraged to attend DREAMS, HOUR’s 2nd annual celebration of undergraduate research, scholarly, and creative projects on Friday, April 27, 2018 from 1 – 4pm in the Goldfarb Gym at the O’Connor Rec […]

TEDxJHU Forging the Future, March 10th

At this event, we hope to initiate conversations about some of the most impactful ideas and developments that could change the way we live. Click link for more information.

Attend Undergraduate Research Symposium on Oct. 9

The Undergraduate Research Symposium is a university-wide event that allows students conducting independent projects and participating in research in all fields of study to share and be recognized for their work. Submissions are due Thursday, Sept. 28.

Susan Courtney named vice provost for faculty affairs at Johns Hopkins

Susan Courtney, a brain scientist who has served as chair of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Johns Hopkins University for the past four years, will become the university’s next vice provost for faculty affairs, Provost Sunil Kumar announced in a message to university leadership today. More information

DREAMS 2017 (Formerly URD) will be held on Friday, April 21st

The Johns Hopkins University will be hosting “Day of Undergraduate Research in Engineering, the Arts & Humanities, Medicine and the Sciences” which will be held on Friday, April 21st from 1:00pm-4:00pm in the Goldfarb Gym, Ralph O’Conner Recreation Center (Homewood Campus).

Dr. Cindy Moss Receives Johns Hopkins Discovery Award

Dr. Cindy Moss was selected to receive the 2016-2017 Johns Hopkins Discovery Award for The Bat Hand-wing: A Model System for Sensing and Feedback Control in Animals. The Johns Hopkins Discovery Award provides grant awards to cross-divisional teams, comprised of faculty and/or non-faculty members from at least two schools or affiliates of the university, who are […]

June 22: Johns Hopkins Sleep & Circadian Research Day

The first annual Johns Hopkins Sleep & Circadian Research Day will be held on Monday, June 22, from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Chevy Chase Auditorium in the Zayed Building. Participants from more than 30 departments across Hopkins and local institutions will present and hear about the latest findings in sleep and circadian research. The […]

Join Us on April 16 for Undergraduate Research Day

Johns Hopkins will hold its first ever Undergraduate Research Day on Thursday, April 16, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. in the Ralph S. O’Connor Recreational Center. If you are currently working on research that you would like to use as part of the requirement for your departmental honors, please contact your faculty adviser or the department administrator to get more information.

Professor Cindy Moss Featured in Arts & Sciences Magazine

Cindy Moss, an expert on how bats use echolocation to navigate their way through the world, arrived this past summer at Johns Hopkins after 19 years at the University of Maryland. In what she calls her bat lab, a suite of rooms in Ames’ basement, she films the bats in flight with high-speed cameras and uses sensitive audio equipment to record the high frequency calls bats make with their voice boxes or tongues, bouncing the sounds off objects and using the feedback to alter their flight paths accordingly.