Overview of the BA in Behavioral Biology

The program begins with fundamental concepts in math, science, and statistics. Students then explore behavior through the intersection of biology, psychology, and neuroscience through four core courses. Students take five approved upper-level electives from a broad range of disciplines and departments on campus and a senior seminar. Additionally, students are required to take one semester of supervised research or internship and a Connections course that provides direct experience and feedback on communicating science.

Quick List of Program of Study

A. Basic Math and Science

One year of:

  1. Calculus
  2. Chemistry & lab
  3. Physics & lab (not required for students admitted to class of 2027 and after)
  4. Biology & lab
  5. Statistics (1 semester or 1 year)

B. Core Courses

  1. Foundations of Brain, Behavior, and Cognition (Fall/Spring)
  2. Human Origins (Spring)
  3. Animal Behavior (Fall)
  4. Neuroscience Lab (Fall/Spring)

C. Upper Level Courses

  1. Three with “Biobehavioral” Tag
  2. Two with “Socsci” Tag
  3. Senior Seminar
  4. One Lab Course: Behavioral Evolution Lab or Animal Behavior and Communication Lab (required beginning class of 2027)

D. Research / Internship & Connections

  1. One semester of Research, Internship, or Intersession trip to Galapagos.
  2. One semester Connections in Behavioral Biology

See the Requirements page and the handbook for specific course information and requirements.

Faculty Advisers

Alumni Stories

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