Core and Upper-Level Courses

The two sections below includes the core courses, senior seminar, connections in behavioral biology and all courses that can satisfy the three biobehavioral (BEHB-BIOBEH tag) and two social science (BEHB-SOCSCI tag) upper-level requirements. Note some BEHB tags have changed, be sure to examine the most recent year before selecting courses.

Please check the BS requirements page to get a full list of required or optional courses, or consult the online course catalogue for complete course information.

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Behavioral Biology Core Courses (Required of All Majors)

Core courses generally run the same times every semester, so are not included in the table below.

  • 200.141 Foundations of Brain, Behavior, and Cognition, Fall and Spring
  • 290.101 Human Origins, Spring
  • 200.208 Animal Behavior, Fall
  • 080.250 Neuroscience Lab, Fall and Spring

Fall 2022

Course NumberCourse NameInstructorDay/TimeLimitFocusPreReqs Brief
AS.020.374Comparative PhysiologyCoppolaTTh 12:00-1:4590BiobehavioralBiochemistry
AS.050.236NeurolinguisticsYarmolinskayaTTh 1:30-2:4520Biobehavioral
AS.050.352Applying Cognitive Neuroscience to Artificial Intelligence Part ILopez-GonzalezMW 1:30-2:4515Biobehavioral
AS.050.383Computational Social CognitionIsikMW 12-1:1515BiobehavioralNeuroscience: Cognitive or Intro to Computational Cognitive Science or equivalent
AS.080.250Neuroscience LaboratoryTrageser/
T 1:30-4:20
W 1:30-4:20
Th 1:30-4:20
F 1:30-4:20
20 (4 sections)CORE
AS.080.301Behavioral Assessment of Animal Models of Cognition and Neuropsychiatric DisordersSmithMWF 12:00-12:50 30BiobehavioralFBBC or Neuro Cellular/Systems 2
AS.080.308NeuroeconomicsTrageserWF 12:00-1:15 70BiobehavioralFBBC or Neuro Cellular/Systems 2 or Intro to the Human Brain
AS.150.219Introduction to Bioethics (writing intensive)BokMW 12:00-12:50 Lecture
Various sections
18 (12 sections)Social
AS.196.302Science and DemocracyLevineTTh 9:00-10:15 15Social
AS.200.141Foundations of Brain, Behavior and CognitionRossTTh 9-10:15 150CORE
AS.200.208Animal BehaviorBohnTTh 12-1:15 50COREFBBC, Human Origins Recommended
AS.200.222Positive PsychologyHalberdaTTh 3:00-4:1560Social
AS.200.322Clinical NeuropsychologyRickardsT 5:00-7:30 20BiobehavioralFoundations of Brain, Behavior and Cognition
AS.200.337Origins of the Social MindKrupenyeTTh 10:30-11:4515BiobehavioralIntro to Developmental Psych or Intro to Social Psych or Intro to Cog Psych or Foundations of Brain, Behavior and Cognition
AS.200.376NeuropyschopharmacologySterbing-D'AngeloTTh 10:30-11:45 50BiobehavioralFBBC & Cell Bio or Neuro Cellular/Systems 2
AS.200.380Neurobiology of Human CognitionBednyT 1:30-3:50 30BiobehavioralFBBC
AS.250.351Reproductive PhysiologyZirkinW 3:00-4:45 140BiobehavioralJuniors and Seniors
AS.270.336Freshwater SystemsKellyTTh 9-10:1525BiobehavioralIntro to Global Environmental Change or Intro to Sustainability
AS.280.335The Environment of Your HealthBressler, Latshaw, YagerTTh 3:00-4:15 120SocialPHS, GECS, ENVS and MolCell majors have 1st priority for enrollment
AS.290.303Animal Communication Lab (writing intensive)BohnTTh 3-4:15 19BiobehavioralAnimal Behavior and FBBC
AS.290.304Comparative NeuroanatomyBalanoffMW 3-4:15 35BiobehavioralFBBC or Neuro Cellular/Systems 2
AS.290.420Human Sexual OrientationKraftT 6:30-8:50 30Social
AS.290.490Senior Seminar: Behavioral BiologyPorth-Bohn/BalanoffW 10-10:5015SEMINAR

Spring 2022

Course NumberConcentrationCourse NameFacultyDay/TimeLimitBrief PreReqs
AS.020.303BiobehavioralGeneticsFisher/GordusMW 12:00-1:15 (online)440*can only be counted as an upper level OR with a lab for the biology requirement
AS.020.374BiobehavioralComparative Animal PhysiologyCoppolaTTh 12-1:15 (online)100Biochemistry
AS.050.325SocialPhonology IWilsonMW 12-1:15 39
AS.050.339SocialCognitive DevelopmentYarmolinskayaTTh 10:30-11:4519
AS.080.250CORENeuroscience LaboratoryTrageser/Sterbing-D'AngeloT 1:30-4:20
W 1:30-4:20
Th 1:30-4:20
80 (4 sections of 20)
AS.080.304BiobehavioralNeuroscience Learning and MemoryBakkerTTh 4:30-5:45 45FBBC or Neuro Cellular/Systems 2
AS.080.328BiobehavioralBehavioral Neuroscience LabSmithMW 10:30-11:45;
TTh 10:30-11:45
24 (2 sections of 12)FBBC or Neuro Cellular/Systems 2
AS.180.345SocialRationality: Meaning and MeasurementQuahTTh 1:30-2:4512Microeconomic Theory
AS.180.389SocialSocial Policy Implications of Behavioral EconomicsPapageorgeTTh 9-10:1530Microeconomic Theory and Econometrics
AS.196.302SocialScience and DemocracyLevineTTh 9-10:1515
AS.200.141COREFoundations of Brain, Behavior and CognitionSmithTTh 9-10:15 (online)200
AS.200.204SocialHuman Sexuality KraftW 1:30-4;
W 4-6:30
40 (2 sections of 20)Students may receive credit for either AS.200.204 or AS.290.420, but not both
AS.200.211BiobehavioralSensation & PerceptionFischer
TTh 4:30-5:45 (online)70
AS.200.250BiobehavioralBehavioral NeuroscienceJanakTTh 10:30-11:45 (online)50Intro to Psychology or FBBC
AS.200.304Biobehavioral Neuroscience of Decision MakingStuphornTTh 12-1:1519Neuro Cellular/Systems 2
AS.200.329BiobehavioralReal World Human Data: Analysis & VisualizationChenTh 1:30-419Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, Grad Students
AS.200.330BiobehavioralHuman and Machine IntelligenceLeeT 1:30-419
AS.200.344BiobehavioralBehavioral EndocrinologyBohnTTh 1:30-2:45 (online)80FBBC or Neuro Cellular/Systems 2 or GenBio1 & 2
AS.200.370BiobehavioralFunctional Human NeuroanatomyCourtney-FaruqeeTTh 10:30-11:45 30Neuro Cellular/Systems I
Sterbing-D'AngeloTTh 10:30-11:45 18
AS.270.202BiobehavioralIntroduction to EcologyAvolioTTh 10:30-11:4545 Intro to Global Environmental Change or General Biology I
AS.270.310BiobehavioralEvolution and Development of VertebratesBeverTTh 3:00-4:1520
AS.270.317BiobehavioralConservation BiologyBurgessMW 12-1:1516
AS.280.335SocialThe Environment and Your Health
Bressler, LatshawTTh 3-4:15 (online)120PHS, GECS, ENVS majors have 1st priority for enrollment
AS.290.101COREHuman OriginsBalanoffTTh 3-4:15 (online)120
AS.290.420SocialHuman Sexual Orientation KraftW 6:30-925Students may receive credit for either AS.200.204 or AS.290.420, but not both
AS.290.500OTHERConnections in Behavioral BiologyMossTBD15