Director Meredith Ward wins Excellence in Advising Award

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Congratulations to Meredith Ward, Faxon director of the Film and Media Studies Program, who won the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences 2020 Excellence in Teaching and Advising Award for Faculty Undergraduate Advising. Some of the student nominations for Meredith Ward are below.

“If the most basic role of an advisor is to give advice, to guide, Dr. Ward stands apart. Not only did her advising when I was an undergraduate steer me toward courses, programs, internships, activities, projects, and topics that enriched my experience at Hopkins, but her guidance also continued long after I had graduated.”

“Meredith has always been and continues to be a force for good in the Hopkins Community. She not only provides good opportunities for her students, she creates them. She brings students along to alumni dinners so that they can ask pertinent questions about the industry and foster future relationships. Alumni contact her with opportunities because they trust her. When I was looking for a job after graduation, she was the first person I talked to. Her word alone got me an interview as a writer’s assistant.”