Emma Needell, 2012

FMS was the perfect blend of traditional film school and independent study, where I learned the fundamentals of filmmaking without feeling beholden to academic bureaucracy.

Kim Parker, 2007

“The foundation of my film career was built at Johns Hopkins. The Film and Media Studies faculty gave me an enduring education and generous guidance, which I am still benefiting from to this day. The combination of film theory and hands-on production classes is ideal, and it mirrors my current work as a creative producer […]

Diana Peralta, 2011

“When I first started at JHU as a freshman, I had no idea that the school even had a Film & Media studies department. As fate would have it, I sat in on an Introduction to Film Production class for fun and it changed the course of my life and career. The faculty were extremely passionate […]

Zach Baylin, 2002

“At Hopkins, Film and Media Studies is much more than an academic program—it’s a thriving, collaborative, artistic community. When I was a student there (twenty years ago!) I met amazing teachers and advisers who taught me, not just how to think critically (and creatively) about film, writing, and story, but gave me the support, skills, […]

Andrea Massaro, 2015

“I remember like it was yesterday when Film and Media Studies professor John Mann told me, “You’d make a great producer.”  FMS was crucial in giving me the confidence to pursue a career in film and television.  With amazing instructors, creative challenges, and incredible support during my four years in the program, I felt prepared […]

Emily Mayer, 2004

“Being a film and media studies major at Hopkins was a huge differentiator for me when moving out to LA to work in television. Agencies, networks, and production companies knew of the intellectual prowess of the school and it was Professor Mark Friedman who helped me to get my first job through his own Hollywood […]