Studio North

Studio North is a student-run production company that serves undergraduate filmmakers at Johns Hopkins University. We fund student films that are showcased at the end of each school year. We aim to produce ambitious, festival-quality films that provide students with valuable skills and professional experience.


We hold weekly general body meetings where members give updates on current Studio North projects, lead workshops on how a film set functions, and discuss our general love for all things film. Studio North is made up of six committees: Production, Screenwriting, Marketing, Programming, Talent, and Finance. Each fall, Studio North welcomes new students to join these committees and become involved with Studio North projects. Executive Board Chairs lead weekly meetings for their respective committees, aiming to help members develop their skills while strengthening the Studio North community.

Each spring, Studio North provides funding to a select few student filmmakers. In addition to funding, we work with the grant winners through developing and improving their scripts, planning and executing their production, and helping filmmakers distribute their films. For the 2018-2019 grant cycle, we award three $1500 grants to support JHU undergraduate projects:

  • Vanessa Richards is in production for her documentary web series “House,” a story of community and connection within the house music fan bases of Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore.
  • Jaeyoung Lee is in production for “Hamster-Sitter” a film following an Asian-American man who blames himself for not preventing his brother’s suicide. He takes over his brother’s house-sitting duty for a white couple. There, he meets the resident hamster, who is named after his deceased brother.
  • Genevieve Thomas is in pre-production for “Over, Easy” a modern take on the classic hard boiled detective story; a journalist hunts for truth in the secretive world of underground Division III sports gambling.

These projects will screen at our annual Studio North Premiere at the historic Parkway Theatre.

Upcoming Grants

We will begin accepting applications for our 2019-2020 grant cycle in Spring 2019. Projects may be fiction, documentary, experimental or animated work. Accepted film proposals will be for shorts only. Projects should run no longer than 20 minutes, including all credits.

Grant applicants pitch their projects to the Executive Board, giving them an opportunity to receive feedback on their proposed projects and perfect the difficult art of pitching. Selections are made by the Executive Board, the committee of students that runs all Studio North operations. In order to increase chances of selection, prospective filmmakers are encouraged to get involved in Studio North events and workshops throughout the year.

The Writers Room

The Studio North Writers Room is a fully functional television writers room in which undergraduate students of any major can work together to write two short television series. Members also gain access to guest writer weekends and master classes.

The Executive Board

  • Executive Chair: Giovanna Molina
  • Production Chair: Elan Medoff
  • Screenwriting Chair: Michael Feder
  • Marketing Chair: Abby Johnson
  • Programming Chair: Lukas MacKinney
  • Secretary: Brandt Matthews
  • Finance Chair: Tuna Coluk
  • Talent Chair: Charlotte Wood