Remembering Kathy Loehmer

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It is with great sadness that we let you know about the sudden death of Kathy Loehmer, senior academic program coordinator for the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. Kathy passed away at her home last Friday, February 26.

During her 10 years at Johns Hopkins, Kathy was a tireless advocate for the students and faculty of the department. She eagerly volunteered to serve on several committees including the one that oversaw the Excellence in Academic Advising initiative and the Homewood Schools’ Doctoral Hooding Ceremony planning committee. 

The following tribute from Professor Derek Schilling sums up Kathy’s impact at Hopkins: 

“Kathy was an anchor to the department in so many ways. In her 10 years as senior academic program coordinator, she was often the first point of contact for matriculating students, to whom she sang the praises of her native Baltimore. For faculty members, Kathy was a trusted and resourceful problem-solver, who took genuine interest in the task at hand, however mundane or however complex, and who understood that more important than any system are the people behind it. Her humor and relaxed conversational style—reflected in messages bright with multicolored fonts—were legion.”

“Even when she was plunged in a project rife with detail, Kathy had time to listen. She gave comfort to students when they struggled, and joined in their successes, documenting with her handheld camera department events big and small. At awards ceremonies and commencement receptions for graduates and their families, we knew Kathy would be there smiling, proud to see that her efforts had helped to bear such splendid fruit. To see her depart without having the opportunity to thank her once again—and Kathy accepted thanks in all languages, responding in kind—is a source of deep regret. We will dearly miss her presence on the fourth floor of Gilman Hall.”