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Study Abroad

Undergraduate majors and minors in French are strongly encouraged to consider spending a semester or, to the extent that circumstances and course of study permit, a full year abroad. Many excellent opportunities for short-term summer study also exist.

Recommended French Study Abroad Programs

All programs must be approved by the Faculty Committee on Study Abroad. Students can visit the Global Education Office website for current programs.

Transfer of Credit From Non-JHU Study Abroad Programs

Students wishing to bring back language department-related credit from non-JHU study abroad programs, which is the case for French, must have their chosen program and courses pre-approved by the French Study Abroad Officer (Professor Elena Russo) before departure. Please note that this approval is only provisional; you must bring all syllabi, readings, and graded materials back to present to the French Study Abroad Officer for evaluation before the department can authorize final course approval. Moreover, students must contact the French Study Abroad Officer upon their arrival in France to verify course selection, as courses often change between the time of our registration and the beginning of classes in France.

Students wishing to transfer credit from language courses should first contact the French Language Program Director with details of the desired program and proposed courses for provisional approval, which should then be taken to the French Study Abroad Officer as part of the overall pre-approval process. You will be required to take a placement test upon return to Hopkins as part of the requirements for transfer of credit. Please note that if you are required by the program that you have chosen to take a class which duplicates a language class already taken at JHU, that duplicate course cannot be transferred for credit.

Please note as well that a limited number of transfer credits can count for the major or minors. For details, see the French Major and Minor Requirements document.