The study of Spanish and Portuguese gives you access to a rich and deep variety of peoples, places, and cultures across the globe. It opens the door to the diverse cultural and literary worlds, Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries in Europe, Latin America and Africa, and Asia.

The Spanish and Portuguese program in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers all levels of language competence courses along with courses on literature, culture, cinema and media, intellectual history, and political thought. Our goal is to offer our students a broad interdisciplinary perspective and the opportunity to achieve a high level of language proficiency, develop critical thinking, and become globalized citizens.    

As the most widely-spoken languages in the Americas and two of the official languages of the European Union, Spanish and Portuguese offer a variety of rapidly growing professional opportunities. Our hope and aim, over the course of the program, is to open up those opportunities for students and help them stand out to potential employers through their language proficiency and cultural competence.