The Italian Program offers a variety of options to study abroad during intersession, summer, and the semester in Italy. Visit the JHU Global Education Office website for the most recent programs.

Students must get approval for their proposed program from the Italian Program’s director of undergraduate studies prior to their departure.

Intersession in Verona

The intersession program in Verona gives Johns Hopkins students the opportunity to spend three weeks in a beautiful Italian city rich in history and culture. The program includes intensive language teaching and one Italian culture class (for a total of 6 credits), with topics ranging from literature and politics to music and food. Students will take Italian Elements I in Verona and will enroll in Italian Elements II the following semester.

Summer in Bologna

In collaboration with the International Studies Program, Italian@Hopkins participates in the International Studies Summer School at SAIS Bologna. Students take classes in international studies-related fields as well as courses in Italian culture focusing on Italian politics and society. The seminar-style courses offered in Bologna give students the opportunity to work closely with their instructors, making the most of an intensive learning experience in the city that hosts the oldest university in the world.

Semesters in Italy

We strongly encourage students to consider spending at least one semester in Italy for an all-encompassing experience in the country they are studying. Students can choose among a number of options, including semester-long programs in Rome, Bologna, Siena, Florence, and Milan.

Hopkins Rome

The Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome (ICCS) was established in 1965 by representatives of 10 American colleges and universities. It provides undergraduate students with an opportunity in Rome to study ancient history, archaeology, Greek and Latin literature, Italian language, and ancient art. Thesemester-long program is administered by Duke University’s Global Education Office for Undergraduates. For more information, visit the program’s web page.

Brown in Bologna

The ancient city of Bologna is one of Europe’s great centers of learning and a superbly preserved jewel of medieval charm. The program is based at the Brown in Italy office in Bologna, near partner institution University of Bologna. The University of Bologna is the oldest university in Europe and has a proud history of dynamic, well-respected scholars such as Dante, Petrarch, Erasmus, and Copernicus. All students are required to take an intensive language and culture proseminar. In addition, students enroll in the equivalent of three 60-hour courses at the University of Bologna in Italian. Students have access to the full range of academic offerings at the university. For more information, visit the program’s web page.

CET Florence

CET Florence is for academically-minded students who want to explore Italy and the rest of Europe with a beautiful and cosmopolitan city as their home base. Students take Italian language and electives in a wide variety of fields. They visit Rome and Venice as a group and travel independently on the weekends. CET and Vanderbilt University jointly operate this program. The program is an alternative to some of the larger programs in Florence and is a good fit for serious students of all schools and majors. For more information, visit the program’s web page.

CET Siena

CET Siena is for Italy-lovers seeking immersion. Students take fast-paced Italian language courses that cover one or two semesters of material during each term. They also take elective courses from a broad selection of disciplines. University of Virginia oversees the academics, and students from any U.S. institution are welcome to apply. The program is a good fit for serious students of all majors and Italian language levels. For more information, visit the program’s web page.