Spanish Language

Through the Global Education Office, the Spanish Language Program offers a full-year or single-semester program in Madrid, Spain, and intersession and summer programs in Salamanca (Spain) and Coronado (Costa Rica). Students should consult with the director of undergraduate studies or their department adviser prior to studying abroad.

Hopkins Madrid

The Hopkins Madrid Program offers students a unique opportunity to further their education while benefitting from a cross-cultural experience that improves their language skills in a Spanish university setting. The Program has been designed to meet the needs of a diverse group of students with a variety of majors. Students can pursue their personal interests and, at the same time, fulfill their JHU academic requirements, taking classes from Cursos de Estudios Hispánicos, or for an even richer experience, students can take direct-enrollment courses.


  • Fall: Mid-August to Mid-December. Deadline: February 15
  • Full Year: Mid-August to Late May/Early June. Deadline: February 15
  • Spring: Early January to Late May/Early June. Deadline: October 1

For more information, visit the Johns Hopkins Program in Madrid website.

Salamanca, Spain: Spanish Language & Culture

Complete an entire semester of Spanish language in just four weeks in the vibrant college town of Salamanca, Spain. Students will take a 3-credit Spanish Language course and a 3-credit Modern Spanish Culture course for a total of 6 credits. Students must have completed Spanish Elements I or the equivalent in order to be eligible for the program. Students can take any Spanish level from Elements II all the way through Spanish for the Professions courses in Salamanca and be eligible to take the next course in the Spanish language sequence in the next semester. All courses will be taught in Spanish, and students will be placed into the appropriate language level for both courses. The culture course will include field trips within Salamanca and excursions to other cities in Spain. Students will also improve their language skills by living with host families in Salamanca.

Coronado, Costa Rica: Spanish Language & Culture

Complete an entire semester of Spanish language in just 4 weeks in Coronado, 11 km/7 miles northeast of San José and situated on the outskirts of Braulio Carrillo National Park. Students will have class Monday through Friday in the morning and volunteer three afternoons a week. Students will receive 3 Spanish Language credits and 3 Modern Latin American Culture or Spanish Language Practicum, (if prerequisites for this course were met before the program’s start), for a total of 6 credits. Students must have completed Spanish Elements II or the equivalent in order to be eligible for the program. All courses will be taught in Spanish. The program will include cultural activities, field trips within Coronado and San José, and excursions to other Costa Rica cities. Students will also be able to improve their language skills by living with host families in Coronado.


There are multiple opportunities for studying abroad in the Portuguese program. While every program is not offered annually, these programs are all potential options for students during their tenure at JHU. Students can study abroad during intersession or on a summer program. See our student profiles and learn more about their experiences.

Brazil: Health, Politics, & Cultural Studies in Bahia

The program takes place in the exhilarating metropolis of Salvador da Bahia, one of Brazil’s foremost cultural centers. Students will spend three weeks filled with exciting activities, enriching mini-courses, cultural lectures, hands-on workshops, and informative visits. Learn about the Brazilian health system and how the country deals with tropical diseases like Zika and Dengue. Study the current political situation and controversial policies of the Brazilian government.

Experience Afro-Brazilian culture and history while having a Portuguese language immersion experience in this rich agricultural, industrial and vibrant maritime district. Take a walk on the cobblestone streets of the restored Pelourinho district “old city” a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the largest group of Baroque buildings in the Americas, examples of Portuguese colonial architecture and historical monuments. Join a street celebration and feel the infectious rhythms of Bahia’s African-inspired music and dance. Taste acaraje, moqueca, vatapa and other delicious Afro-Brazilian dishes while earning 3 credits.

Cape Verde: Service Learning & Luso-African Society

Make a difference in children’s lives while learning about the history and Culture of the gorgeous volcanic archipelago of Cape Verde, Africa. This intersession program will offer students the opportunity to conduct service learning in an NGO in Cape Verde. JHU students will assist local children with literacy, sports, arts, technology, languages, music, social activities, and more.

Students will have several lectures related to Cape Verde’s culture, history, politics, environment, economy, course-related field trips, and other cultural activities to provide opportunities for students to deepen understanding of this Luso-African society.

Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte: Brazilian Culture and History

Improve your Portuguese language skills in an intensive program and learn about Brazilian culture in the exhilarating metropolis of Rio de Janeiro! The program is based at IBEU in the beautiful area of Copacabana Beach. Courses are taught by the IBEU language instructors and supervised by Johns Hopkins faculty (Dr. Flavia Azeredo-Cerqueira). Students will have Portuguese language class every morning, and their afternoons will be filled with cultural lectures, course-related field trips, course-related guided tours (in Portuguese), and other cultural activities to provide opportunities for students to strengthen their language skills and deepen their understanding of Brazilian language, history, and culture. The lectures include, for instance, the country’s preparations for the Olympic Games and the importance of soccer to its culture. Students will also have the opportunity to visit two important historic cities in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Petropolis and Paraty.

Ashraf Nawari

Class of: 2023

Intersession Study Abroad: Salvador, Brazil

I had no knowledge on many things related to Brazil before the trip and after having spent some time there it already feels like another home.

Elvis Han

Class Of 2026

Study Abroad Salvador

Brazil was one of the best decisions of my life!

Grace Kim

Class of: 2020

Intersession Study Abroad: Salvador, Brazil

I definitely grew to be more culturally aware and stepped out of my comfort zone during this immersive program.

Junyao Li

Class of: 2020

Intersession Study Abroad: Salvador, Brazil

Instead of gaining a secondhand knowledge from textbook and reading, I was able to learn about their music, their dance, their food by experiencing them myself

Tere’ssa Fleming

Class of 2023

Intersession Study Abroad: Salvador, Brazil

The curriculum challenged us to think outside of our typical western education, while being able to leave the classroom witness what we were just learning about.

Tirth Bhakta

Class Of 2023

Study Abroad: Salvador

Overall, my time in Salvador was an amazing adventure that broadened my horizons and left me with a newfound appreciation for the vibrant culture of Brazil.