• Head of Section

  • Eduardo González

    Professor of Spanish, Director of the Spanish Subdivision, and Director of Undergraduate Studies for Spanish

    PhD, Indiana University, Bloomington
    • 410-516-4615
    • Gilman 480
    • Research Interests: Latin American literature and cinema
  • Derek Schilling

    Professor Modern Languages and Literatures
    Director of the Centre Louis Marin

    PhD/Doctorat du 3e cycle, University of Pennsylvania/University of Paris 8 (Vincennes/Saint-Denis)
    • 410-516-4626
    • Gilman 426
    • Research Interests: Modern and contemporary French literature; film esthetics and theory; geocriticism; urban and suburban studies
  • Walter Stephens

    Charles S. Singleton Professor, Director of the Italian Subdivision and Director of Graduate Studies
    Executive Board, Charles Singleton Center for the Study of Premodern Europe

    PhD, Cornell University, PhD, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa
    • 410-516-7229
    • Gilman 408
    • Research Interests: Medieval and Renaissance Italian literature, history and theory of forgery, the literature of witchcraft.
  • Rochelle Tobias

    Professor and Director of the German Subdivision; Director, Max Kade Center for Modern German Thought

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
    • 410-516-7512
    • Gilman 404
    • Research Interests: Modern German literature and thought; German-Jewish culture
  • Tenure-Line Faculty

  • Wilda Anderson

    Interim Chair of MLL
    Professor of French

    PhD, Cornell University
    • Gilman 418
    • Research Interests: Literature of the French Enlightenment; the relationship between science and literature; the French Revolution and its aftermath; Newton and newtonianism; digital culture; post-print forms of literacy
  • Marina Bedran

    Assistant Professor of Lusophone Literatures and Cultures

    Ph.D., Princeton University
    • 410-516-5358
    • Gilman 481
    • Research Interests: Amazonia, ecocriticism, environmental humanities, visual culture, media theory, film, and literary theory and translation
  • Daniel Desormeaux

    William D. and Robin Mayer Professor and Head of the French Subdivision
    Director of Undergraduate Studies, French

    PhD, Emory University; M.A., Université du Québec à Montréal; M.A. Johns Hopkins University
    • 410-516-7727
    • 410-516-5358
    • Gilman Hall 482
    • Research Interests: French and Caribbean literature and thought of the “long” 19th century; Haitian Revolution, race, and slavery; comparative analysis of Caribbean literature and religion; history of the book and French literary history; Fin-de-Siècle literature and transatlantic anthropology
  • Laura Di Bianco

    Assistant Professor of Italian Studies
    Affiliated Faculty with the Center for Advanced Media Studies
    Program for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality
    Environmental Science and Studies Program

    PhD, The Graduate Center, CUNY
    • 410-516-2022
    • Gilman 435
    • Research Interests: Italian Cinema, 20th and 21st Italian Literature, Women’s and Gender Studies, Environmental Humanities.
  • William Egginton

    Decker Professor in the Humanities
    Director, Alexander Grass Humanities Institute

    PhD, Stanford University
    • 410-516-7510
    • Gilman 470
    • Research Interests: Spanish and Latin American literatures, comparative European literature and thought
  • Jennifer Gosetti-Ferencei

    Professor and William Kurrelmeyer Chair in German, Director of Graduate Studies in German

    DPhil, University of Oxford
    PhD, Villanova University
    • 410-516-7509
    • 410-516-5358
    • Gilman 416
    • Research Interests: Continental Philosophy; Phenomenology; Aesthetics and Philosophy of Literature; Cognitive Literary Theory; Philosophy of Imagination; Modern German Literature and Thought.
  • Jacob Haubenreich

    Assistant Professor, German

    • Research Interests: 19th-21st century German literature, posthermeneutics, theory and history of media, Schriftbildlichkeit, book history, writing process, archival theory and practice, experimental literature, literature and the visual arts, new materialism, multilingualism
  • Katrin Pahl

    Associate Professor

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
    • 410-516-7513
    • Gilman 414
    • Research Interests: German literature and philosophy in comparative perspective (US and French); the theory, poetics and history of emotionality, gender and sexuality; theater; Hegel; Kleist
  • Elena Russo

    Professor of French
    Director of Graduate Studies for French and Study Abroad Officer for French

    PhD, Princeton University
    • 410-516-7622
    • Gilman 488
    • Research Interests: 17th- and 18th-century French literature; cultural and intellectual history of the Enlightenment; religious dissidences; sociability; the history of aesthetics; literary theory
  • Bécquer Seguín

    Assistant Professor of Iberian Studies

    PhD, Cornell University
    • 410-516-8571
    • Gilman 490
    • Research Interests: Modern Spanish literature, political theory, intellectual history, cultural sociology
  • Samuel Spinner

    Assistant Professor, Zelda and Myer Tandetnik Chair in Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture

    PhD, Columbia University
    • 410-516-0099
    • Gilman 406
    • Research Interests: Yiddish literature 19th and 20th centuries, German-Jewish culture and literature, modernism, visual culture, history of anthropology, museum studies, Holocaust studies
  • Neta Stahl

    Associate Professor
    Director of The Stulman Program in Jewish Studies

    PhD, Tel Aviv University
    • 410-516-2208
    • Gilman 474
    • Research Interests: Modern Hebrew literature, religion and literature, narrative theory, genre theory
  • Bernadette Wegenstein

    Professor of Media Studies; Director, Center for Advanced Media Studies

    PhD, Vienna University
    • 410-516-7511
    • Gilman 461
    • Research Interests: Film and media studies, body and media theory, gender studies
  • Alessandro Zannirato

    Associate Teaching Professor and Italian Language Program Director

    PhD, University of Cape Town
    • 410-516-7230
    • Gilman 448B
    • Research Interests: foreign language pedagogy; foreign language teacher training; liaison, community and conference interpreting; program evaluation.
  • Visiting Faculty

  • Earle Havens

    Nancy H. Hall Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Sheridan Libraries
    Visiting Associate Professor in Modern Languages and Literatures

    PhD, Yale University (History and Renaissance Studies)
  • Language Program Directors

  • Flavia De Azeredo-Cerqueira

    Portuguese Language Program Director and Associate Teaching Professor in Portuguese

    PhD, Federal University of Minas Gerais
    • 410-516-6738
    • Gilman 469A
    • Research Interests: Second language acquisition with a focus on bilingualism, the effects of corrective feedback, cognitive aspects in SLA, motivation and the impact of study abroad on SLA.
  • Kristin Anna Cook-Gailloud

    Senior Lecturer and French Language Program Director

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
  • Deborah McGee Mifflin

    Associate Teaching Professor, German Language Program Director and Study Abroad Advisor

    MA, Temple University
    • 410-516-7592
    • Gilman 469B
    • Research Interests: German language, literature & linguistics; pedagogy of language teaching, theories of second language acquisition
  • Loreto Sánchez Serrano

    Loreto Sánchez Serrano

    Associate Teaching Professor and Spanish Language Program Director

    PhD, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
    • 410-516-4618
    • Gilman 463
    • Research Interests: Computer-assisted language learning
  • Teaching Faculty

  • Mariana Alvarez Torres


  • Bruce Anderson

    Senior Lecturer, French Language; Coordinator, Advanced Writing and Speaking in French

  • Mirit Bessire

    Lecturer in Hebrew Language

    • Gilman 405
    • Research Interests: Hebrew Language; Foreign Language Pedagogy; Universal Instructional Design
  • Grecia Chirinos Delgado

    Lecturer in Spanish

  • Cortney Davila


  • Maria del Rosario Ramos

    Senior Lecturer, Spanish Language; Coordinator, Advanced Spanish

  • Claude Guillemard

    Senior Lecturer, French Language and Culture; Coordinator, French Elements

  • Beatrice Lang

    Beatrice Lang

    Language Program Director and Lecturer, Yiddish Language

  • Julie Lirot

    Lecturer, Spanish Language

  • Julio López Raja

    Lecturer, Spanish

  • Naiara Martínez-Vélez

    Sr. Lecturer, Spanish Language

  • Arancha Moreno Hubbard

    Senior Lecturer, Spanish Language; Coordinator, Advanced Spanish

  • Leonardo Proietti

    Senoir Lecturer, Italian Language and Culture

    MA, UCLA
    • 410-516-4239
    • Gilman 405
    • Research Interests: Italian cultural studies, with a particular focus on visual culture, including film, art, and fashion
  • Suzanne Roos

    Senior Lecturer; Coordinator, Intermediate French

  • Magali Spiker


  • Carmen Torres Burgos

    Lecturer in Spanish

  • Michelle Tracy

    Senior Lecturer, Spanish Language; Coordinator, Spanish Elements

  • Heidi Wheeler

    Senior Lecturer, German Language, Culture, and Literature; Coordinator, Intermediate German

  • April Wuensch

    Senior Lecturer, French Language; Coordinator, La France Contemporaine

  • staff

  • Sandra Grant

    Sandra Grant

    Administrative Manager

  • Alexandre Labat

    Senior Academic Program Coordinator

  • Ann Woodward

    Temporary staff

  • Mackenzie Zalin


    PhD, MSLS
  • Associated Faculty

  • Stephen J. Campell

    Henry and Elizabeth Wiesenfeld Professor, Department of History of Art

    • 410-516-4928
    • Gilman 170
    • Research Interests: Renaissance and Baroque, notions of style and visual communication
  • Sara Castro-Klarén

    Professor Emeritus

    PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
    • Research Interests: Colonial cultures and literatures; theory; women's writing; modern Latin American cultures and literatures
  • Christopher S. Celenza

    James B. Knapp Dean, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

    • Research Interests: Renaissance latin, paleography, history of classical tradition
  • Eckart Förster

    Professor, Philosophy

    PhD, Oxford University
  • Peter Jelavich

    Professor, History

    PhD, Princeton University
    • Research Interests: Cultural and intellectual history of Europe since the Enlightenment, with emphasis on Germany, popular culture, mass culture, and the media, modern social and cultural theory
  • Margaret Keck

    Professor, Political Science

    • 410-516-7536
    • Research Interests: Latin American politics
  • Michael Kwass

    Professor and Chair of History

    • Research Interests: Early modern France; the French Revolution; globalization
  • Leonardo Lisi

    Associate Professor, Comparative Thought and Literature

    PhD, Yale University
    • Research Interests: European literature of the long nineteenth century; European modernism; Kierkegaard and German idealism; tragedy and the tragic; philosophical aesthetics and literary forms
  • Jean McGarry

    Professor and Co-chair, Writing Seminars

  • Yitzhak Melamed

    Professor, Philosophy

    PhD, Yale University
    • Research Interests: Early modern philosophy; German idealism; metaphysics
  • Mitchell Merback

    Professor, History of Art

    PhD, University of Chicago
    • Research Interests: Northern Renaissance art
  • Dean Moyar

    Associate Professor, Philosophy

    PhD, University of Chicago
    • Research Interests: German Idealism; ethics; political philosophy
  • Lawrence M. Principe

    Drew Professor of the Humanities and Director, Singleton Center for the Study of Pre-Modern Europe

    • Research Interests: Early modern and late medieval science and technology; history of alchemy/chemistry; science and theology
  • Matthew Roller

    Professor, Classics

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
    • 410-516-5095
    • Gilman 102
    • Research Interests: Latin literature; Roman social and cultural history; Graeco-Roman philosophy
  • Todd Shepard

    Arthur O. Lovejoy Professor of History

    PhD, Rutgers University-New Brunswick
    • 410-516-8512
    • Research Interests: Modern France and French empire, decolonization, gender and sexuality
  • Mark Christian Thompson

    Associate Professor, English

    PhD, New York University
    • Research Interests: 19th- and 20th-century African-American, German and French literature; the history and representation of race in literature and philosophy; political philosophy; aesthetics; art theory
  • Susan Weiss

    Professor of Musicology, The Peabody Institute at JHU

    PhD, University of Maryland
    • Research Interests: Medieval music and learning; music and memory
  • Mary Miglio Bensabat-Ott

    Associate Teaching Professor Emeritus

    PhD, Georgetown
    • Research Interests: Sociolinguistics with a focus on bilingualism
  • Jacques Neefs

    Professor Emeritus

    PhD (Doctorat d’État), University Paris 8
    • 410-516-7727
    • Gilman 401
    • Research Interests: 19th-20th-century French literature; genetic criticism
  • Stephen Nichols

    Professor Emeritus

    PhD, Yale University
  • Harry Sieber

    Professor Emeritus

    PhD, Duke University
    • 410-516-7227
    • Gilman 401
    • Research Interests: Renaissance and Baroque Spanish literature
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