• faculty

  • Wilda Anderson

    Professor of French
    Director of Graduate Studies

    PhD, Cornell University
    • Gilman 418
    • Research Interests: Literature of the French Enlightenment; the relationship between science and literature; the French Revolution and its aftermath; Newton and newtonianism
  • Daniel Desormeaux

    William D. and Robin Mayer Professor and Head of the French Subdivision

    PhD, Emory University; M.A., Université du Québec à Montréal; M.A. Johns Hopkins University
    • 410-516-7727
    • 410-516-5358
    • Gilman Hall 482
    • Research Interests: French and Caribbean literature and thought of the “long” 19th century; Haitian Revolution, race, and slavery; comparative analysis of Caribbean literature and religion; history of the book and French literary history; Fin-de-Siècle literature and transatlantic anthropology
  • Laura Di Bianco

    Assistant Professor of Italian Studies
    Director of Undergraduate Studies in Italian

    PhD, The Graduate Center, CUNY
    • 410-516-2022
    • Gilman 435
    • Research Interests: Research Interests: Italian Cinema, Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature, Film Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, Ecocriticism, and Translation Studies.
  • William Egginton

    Decker Professor in the Humanities
    Director, Alexander Grass Humanities Institute

    PhD, Stanford University
    • 410-516-7510
    • Gilman 470
    • Research Interests: Spanish and Latin American Literatures, comparative European literature and thought
  • Eduardo González

    Professor of Spanish, Director of the Spanish Subdivision, and Director of Undergraduate Studies for Spanish

    PhD, Indiana University, Bloomington
    • 410-516-4615
    • Gilman 480
    • Research Interests: Latin American literature and cinema
  • Jennifer Gosetti-Ferencei

    Professor and William Kurrelmeyer Chair in German, Director of Graduate Studies in German

    DPhil, University of Oxford
    PhD, Villanova University
    • 410-516-7509
    • 410-516-5358
    • Gilman 416
    • Research Interests: Continental Philosophy; Phenomenology; Aesthetics and Philosophy of Literature; Cognitive Literary Theory; Philosophy of Imagination; Modern German Literature and Thought.
  • Katrin Pahl

    Associate Professor

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
    • 410-516-7513
    • Gilman 414
    • Research Interests: German literature and philosophy in comparative perspective (US and French); the theory, poetics and history of emotionality, gender and sexuality; theater; Hegel; Kleist
  • Elena Russo

    Professor of French
    Director of Undergraduate Studies and Study Abroad Officer for French

    PhD, Princeton University
    • 410-516-7622
    • Gilman 488
    • Research Interests: 17th- and 18th-century French literature; cultural and intellectual history of the Enlightenment; religious dissidences; sociability; the history of aesthetics; literary theory
  • Derek Schilling

    Professor, Chair of German and Romance Languages and Literatures
    Director of the Centre Louis Marin

    PhD/Doctorat du 3e cycle, University of Pennsylvania/University of Paris 8 (Vincennes/Saint-Denis)
    • 410-516-4626
    • Gilman 426
    • Research Interests: Modern and contemporary French literature; film esthetics and theory; geocriticism; urban and suburban studies
  • Bécquer Seguín

    Assistant Professor of Iberian Studies

    PhD, Cornell University
    • 410-516-8571
    • Gilman 490
    • Research Interests: Modern and contemporary Iberia, comparative literature, political theory, art history, media studies
  • Samuel Spinner

    Assistant Professor, Zelda and Myer Tandetnik Chair in Yiddish Language, Literature and Culture

    PhD, Columbia University
    • 410-516-0099
    • Gilman 406
    • Research Interests: Yiddish literature 19th and 20th centuries, German-Jewish culture and literature, visual culture, history of anthropology, museum studies, Holocaust studies
  • Neta Stahl

    Associate Professor
    Director of The Stulman Program in Jewish Studies

    PhD, Tel Aviv University
    • 410-516-2208
    • Gilman 474
    • Research Interests: Modern Hebrew literature, religion and literature, narrative theory, genre theory
  • Walter Stephens

    Charles S. Singleton Professor of Italian Studies and Director of the Italian Subdivision
    Director of Graduate Studies for Italian

    PhD, Cornell University, PhD, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa
  • Rochelle Tobias

    Professor and Director of the German Subdivision; Co-Director, Max Kade Center for Modern German Thought

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
    • 410-516-7512
    • Gilman 404
    • Research Interests: Modern German literature and thought; German-Jewish culture
  • Bernadette Wegenstein

    Professor of Media Studies; Director, Center for Advanced Media Studies

    PhD, Vienna University
  • Visiting Faculty

  • Marton Dornbach

    Visiting Assistant Professor in German
    Director of Undergraduate Studies for German

  • Earle Havens

    Nancy H. Hall Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Sheridan Libraries
    Visiting Associate Professor in German and Romance Languages and Literatures

    PhD, Yale University (History and Renaissance Studies)
  • Joint and Secondary Appointments

  • Eckart Förster

    Professor, Philosophy

    PhD, Oxford University
  • Margaret Keck

    Professor, Political Science

    • 410-516-7536
    • Research Interests: Latin American politics
  • Michael Kwass

    Professor and Chair of History

    • Research Interests: Early modern France; the French Revolution; globalization
  • Gianna Pomata

    Professor, Institute of the History of Medicine

    • 410-955-3037
    • Research Interests: Early modern European social and cultural history
  • Lawrence M. Principe

    Drew Professor of the Humanities and Director, Singleton Center for the Study of Pre-Modern Europe

    • Research Interests: Early modern and late medieval science and technology; history of alchemy/chemistry; science and theology
  • Todd Shepard

    Arthur O. Lovejoy Professor of History

    PhD, Rutgers University-New Brunswick
    • 410-516-8512
    • Research Interests: Modern France and French empire, decolonization, gender and sexuality
  • Susan Weiss

    Professor, Peabody Conservatory

    PhD, University of Maryland
  • Affiliated Faculty

  • Stephen J. Campell

    Henry and Elizabeth Wiesenfeld Professor, History of Art

  • Peter Jelavich

    Professor, History

    PhD, Princeton University
    • Research Interests: Cultural and intellectual history of Europe since the Enlightenment, with emphasis on Germany, popular culture, mass culture, and the media, modern social and cultural theory
  • Richard Katz

    Professor and Chair, Political Science

    • 410-516-7534
    • Mergenthaler 327
    • Research Interests: Comparative Politics (Parties, Elections, European politics), American Politics
  • Leonardo Lisi

    Associate Professor, Comparative Thought and Literature

    PhD, Yale University
    • Research Interests: European literature of the long nineteenth century; European modernism; Kierkegaard and German idealism; tragedy and the tragic; philosophical aesthetics and literary forms
  • Jean McGarry

    Professor and Co-chair, Writing Seminars

  • Yitzhak Melamed

    Professor, Philosophy

    PhD, Yale University
    • Research Interests: Early modern philosophy; German idealism; metaphysics
  • Mitchell Merback

    Professor, History of Art

    PhD, University of Chicago
    • Research Interests: Northern Renaissance art
  • Dean Moyar

    Associate Professor, Philosophy

    PhD, University of Chicago
    • Research Interests: German Idealism; ethics; political philosophy
  • Lawrence M. Principe

    Professor, History of Science and Technology; Director, Singleton Center for the Study of Premodern Europe

    PhD, History of Science, Johns Hopkins University; PhD, Organic Chemistry, Indiana University
    • 410-516-4807
    • Gilman 376
    • Research Interests: Early modern and late medieval science and technology, especially the history of alchemy/chemistry and issues of science and theology/religion
  • Matthew Roller

    Professor, Classics

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
    • 410-516-5095
    • Gilman 102
    • Research Interests: Latin literature; Roman social and cultural history; Graeco-Roman philosophy
  • Mark Christian Thompson

    Associate Professor, English

    PhD, New York University
    • Research Interests: 19th- and 20th-century African-American, German and French literature; the history and representation of race in literature and philosophy; political philosophy; aesthetics; art theory
  • Language Program Directors

  • Flavia De Azeredo-Cerqueira

    Portuguese Language Program Director and Associate Teaching Professor in Portuguese

    PhD, Federal University of Minas Gerais
    • 410-516-6738
    • Gilman 469A
    • Research Interests: Second language acquisition with a focus on bilingualism, the effects of corrective feedback, cognitive aspects in SLA, motivation and the impact of study abroad on SLA.
  • Kristin Anna Cook-Gailloud

    Senior Lecturer and French Language Program Director

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
  • Deborah McGee Mifflin

    Associate Teaching Professor, German Language Program Director and Study Abroad Advisor

    MA, Temple University
    • 410-516-7592
    • Gilman 469B
    • Research Interests: German language, literature & linguistics; pedagogy of language teaching, theories of second language acquisition
  • Loreto Sánchez Serrano

    Loreto Sánchez Serrano

    Associate Teaching Professor and Spanish Language Program Director

    PhD, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
    • 410-516-4618
    • Gilman 463
    • Research Interests: Computer-assisted language learning
  • Alessandro Zannirato

    Associate Teaching Professor and Italian Language Program Director

    PhD, University of Cape Town
    • 410-516-7230
    • Gilman 448B
    • Research Interests: Foreign language pedagogy; foreign language teacher training; liaison, community and conference interpreting; program evaluation
  • Professors Emeriti

  • Mary Miglio Bensabat-Ott

    Associate Teaching Professor Emeritus

    PhD, Georgetown
    • Research Interests: Sociolinguistics with a focus on bilingualism
  • Sara Castro-Klarén

    Professor Emeritus of Latin American Culture and Literature/Spanish section
    Commander of the Order of the Sun. Peru

    PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
    • Research Interests: Colonial cultures and literatures; theory; women's writing; modern Latin American cultures and literatures
  • Jacques Neefs

    Professor Emeritus

    PhD (Doctorat d’État), University Paris 8
    • 410-516-7727
    • Gilman 401
    • Research Interests: 19th-20th-century French literature; genetic criticism
  • Stephen Nichols

    Professor Emeritus

    PhD, Yale University
  • Harry Sieber

    Professor Emeritus

    PhD, Duke University
    • 410-516-7227
    • Gilman 401
    • Research Interests: Renaissance and Baroque Spanish literature
  • Lecturers

  • Mariana Alvarez Torres


  • Bruce Anderson

    Senior Lecturer, French Language; Coordinator, Advanced Writing and Speaking in French

  • Grecia Chirinos Delgado

    Lecturer in Spanish

  • Zvi Cohen

    Lecturer, Hebrew

  • Cortney Davila


  • Maria del Rosario Ramos

    Senior Lecturer, Spanish Language; Coordinator, Advanced Spanish

  • Claude Guillemard

    Senior Lecturer, French Language and Culture; Coordinator, French Elements

  • Beatrice Lang

    Language Program Director and Lecturer, Yiddish Language

  • Julie Lirot

    Lecturer, Spanish Language

  • Julio López Raja

    Lecturer, Spanish

  • Naiara Martínez-Vélez

    Sr. Lecturer, Spanish Language

  • Arancha Moreno Hubbard

    Senior Lecturer, Spanish Language; Coordinator, Advanced Spanish

  • Leonardo Proietti

    Lecturer, Italian Language and Culture

    MA, UCLA
    • 410-516-4239
    • Gilman 405
    • Research Interests: Italian cultural studies, with a particular focus on visual culture, including film, art, and fashion
  • Suzanne Roos

    Senior Lecturer; Coordinator, Intermediate French

  • Magali Spiker


  • Carmen Torres Burgos

    Lecturer in Spanish

  • Michelle Tracy

    Senior Lecturer, Spanish Language; Coordinator, Spanish Elements

  • Heidi Wheeler

    Senior Lecturer, German Language, Culture, and Literature; Coordinator, Intermediate German

  • April Wuensch

    Senior Lecturer, French Language; Coordinator, La France Contemporaine

  • in memoriam

  • Pier Massimo Forni


    PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
    • Research Interests: Italian literature; history and theory of civility
  • staff

  • Teri M. Caughman (Robinson)

    Teri M. Caughman (Robinson)

    Administrative Manager

    MBA and MS
  • Kimberly Holton

    Budget Specialist

  • Kathy Loehmer

    Sr. Academic Program Coordinator

  • Mackenzie Zalin


    PhD, MSLS
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