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My Journeys with Hebrew

Dr. Ruvik Rosenthal Dr. Ruvik Rosenthal is a well known Israeli writer and linguist. He has published 24 books on various topics, as well as hundreds of articles, essays and journalistic features. He is known for his linguistic writing for which he has won the prestigious Sokolov Award. For his best-selling children’s books, he has […]

Caroline Lillian Schopp: Lachkrampf/Fit of Laughter

Gilman 479

 Professor Caroline Lillian Schopp, History of Art, delivers an undergraduate talk "Lachkrampf/Fit of Laughter: Renate Bertlmann Performing Bertolt Brecht & the Figure of the Pregnant Bride." This talk introduces the art of Renate Bertlmann by way of her discomfiting performances as a “pregnant bride.” If these can be seen, as the artist suggests, as a […]

Vivian Liska: “O Word that I Lack!”

Gilman 132 Vivian Liska is Professor of German literature and Director of the Institute of Jewish Studies at the University of Antwerp, Belgium as well as Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Faculty of the Humanities at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She directs the book series Perspectives on Jewish Texts and Contexts (De Gruyter). Her books include When […]

Dan Zahavi: On Self-Reflection in Husserl’s Ideas

This presentation will consider the dynamics of self-reflection in the first volume of Husserl's Ideas where Husserl first develops the method of transcendental philosophy. Dan Zahavi is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Copenhagen and Director of the Center for Subjectivity Research. Students and faculty interested in attending should contact Rochelle Tobias for […]

Merchants of Knowledge in the Ottoman Empire and the Venetian Republic

Gilman 300 Lecture by Robert Morrison (Bowdoin College). This talk is a discussion of a network of Jewish merchant-scholars who mediate a remarkable episode of intellectual exchange among scholars in the Ottoman Empire, Crete, and the Veneto between 1450 and 1550. Robert Morrison is George Lincoln Skolfield, Jr. Professor of Religion and Middle Eastern and […]

Felix Christen: unterwegs

Felix Christen teaches at the University of Zurich. He is currently the Max Kade Visiting Professor at Brown Universty. The full title of his lecture is "unterwegs: From Formal to Poetic Indication in Heidegger's Scenes of Writing." Gilman 479

Thomas Browne and the Mystery of Number

Gilman 479 Marked by the ‘mathematization’ of scientific knowledge, seventeenth-century European intellectual culture is also punctuated by profound skepticism about the stability, reliability, or calculability of numbers. Focusing on the natural philosopher and lay theologian Thomas Browne, who fluctuates puzzlingly between fascination and contempt for arithmology and numerology, this lecture will explore the seventeenth century’s […]