Call for 2024 MLN French issue contributions

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The 2024 French issue of MLN invites original contributions, in English or in French, to a special issue entitled “Passage to the Nineteenth Century” edited by Daniel Desormeaux in collaboration with the editorial board.

We invite authors to explore the theme of “passage” and its implications in French and Francophone literatures and cultures, in ways that transcend beliefs in the nineteenth century as a homogeneous landscape limned by traditional academic discourses. We encourage transversal, comparative, and global perspectives that engage with particular concepts of passage through literary texts, artistic production, and case-based expressions of historical and cultural norms. We know, for instance, that nineteenth -century French literature was open to broad spaces of Francophone passage: Louisianans, Africans, Quebecers, Asians, Acadians, and West Indians were all actively present at the heart of the Romantic period. Likewise, the concept of passage was integral to some of the major schools of thought and myriad movements that shaped the nineteenth century. Such passages—recognized, neglected, misunderstood, or forgotten—make the nineteenth century a bulwark against historical obsolescence and literary confinement. 

Consistent with the journal’s practice, submissions will be accepted after double-blind review. Authors must follow all provided submission guidelines. The journal does not accept translations, in either language, of previously published work. Full compliance with all deadlines is a requisite for publication.

Please see full instructions on the French Modern Language Notes page

Manuscripts should be sent as electronic attachments to [email protected]. Submissions must arrive by January 30 to be considered.