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Body Shaming: Obscenity, Materiality, and the Ontology of German Realist Literature

Gilman 479

Erica Weitzman (PhD, Comparative Literature, NYU, 2012) is Associate Professor of German at Northwestern University. She is the author of Irony’s Antics: Walser, Kafka, Roth, and the German Comic Tradition (Northwestern University Press, 2015) and co-editor of the volume Suspensionen. Über das Untote (Fink, 2015). Her most recent book, At the Limit of the Obscene: German Realism […]

Botticelli’s Secret

Gilman 50 Synopsis: Some 500 years ago, Sandro Botticelli, an Italian painter of humble origin, created work of unearthly beauty. An intimate associate of Florence’s unofficial rulers, the Medici, he was commissioned by a member of their family to execute a near-impossible project: to illustrate all 100 cantos of The Divine Comedy by the city’s greatest poet, […]