My Journeys with Hebrew

Dr. Ruvik Rosenthal Dr. Ruvik Rosenthal is a well known Israeli writer and linguist. He has published 24 books on various topics, as well as hundreds of articles, essays and […]

Caroline Lillian Schopp: Lachkrampf/Fit of Laughter

Gilman 479

 Professor Caroline Lillian Schopp, History of Art, delivers an undergraduate talk "Lachkrampf/Fit of Laughter: Renate Bertlmann Performing Bertolt Brecht & the Figure of the Pregnant Bride." This talk introduces the […]

Dan Zahavi: On Self-Reflection in Husserl’s Ideas

This presentation will consider the dynamics of self-reflection in the first volume of Husserl's Ideas where Husserl first develops the method of transcendental philosophy. Dan Zahavi is a Professor of […]

Felix Christen: unterwegs

Felix Christen teaches at the University of Zurich. He is currently the Max Kade Visiting Professor at Brown Universty. The full title of his lecture is "unterwegs: From Formal to […]

Thomas Browne and the Mystery of Number

Gilman 479 Marked by the ‘mathematization’ of scientific knowledge, seventeenth-century European intellectual culture is also punctuated by profound skepticism about the stability, reliability, or calculability of numbers. Focusing on the […]