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Hebrew and Yiddish Program People Directory

  • Faculty

  • Samuel Spinner

    Assistant Professor, Zelda and Myer Tandetnik Chair in Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture

    • [email protected]
    • Gilman 406
    • 410-516-0099
    • Research Interests: Yiddish literature 19th and 20th centuries, German-Jewish culture and literature, modernism, visual culture, history of anthropology, museum studies, Holocaust studies
    • Education: PhD, Columbia University
  • Neta Stahl

    Associate Professor, Head of the Hebrew and Yiddish Subdivision, Director of The Stulman Program in Jewish Studies

    • [email protected]
    • Gilman 474
    • 410-516-2208
    • Research Interests: Modern Hebrew literature, religion and literature, narrative theory, genre theory
    • Education: PhD, Tel Aviv University
  • Mirit Bessire

    Lecturer, Hebrew
    Language Program Director, Hebrew

    • [email protected]
    • Gilman 405
    • Research Interests: Hebrew Language; Foreign Language Pedagogy; Universal Instructional Design
    • Education: MSEd, Emira College
      MS, Syracuse University
  • Beatrice Lang

    Beatrice Lang

    Lecturer, Yiddish
    Language Program Director, Yiddish

  • Associated Faculty

  • Alice Mandell

    William Foxwell Albright Chair in Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies

    • [email protected]
    • Gilman 140
    • 410-516-4701
    • Education: PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Theodore J. Lewis

    Blum-Iwry Professor of Near Eastern Studies

  • David Katz

    David Katz

    Assistant Professor

  • James Loeffler

    Research Professor

  • Pawel Maciejko

    Associate Professor, Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Chair in Classical Jewish Religion, Thought, and Culture

  • Yitzhak Melamed

    Charlotte Bloomberg Professor of Philosophy

    • [email protected]
    • Research Interests: Early modern philosophy, German idealism, metaphysics
    • Education: PhD, Yale University
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