ASL Faculty

American Sign Language (ASL) Course Descriptions

370.115-116 First Year American Sign Language
Designed for students who have no previous knowledge of ASL. Students will learn fingerspelling, words, facial expressions, and classifiers to be able to communicate at a basic level with other signers. The curriculum will cover sentence structures such as questions, commands, and other conversational phrases. Mastery will include knowledge of Deaf community and Deaf cultural practices. 3 credits.

AS.370.215-216 Second Year American Sign Language (H)
Pre-req.: AS.370.116
In second year ASL, students will build on their base knowledge of ASL by continuing to learn new vocabulary and grammar patterns. Students will deepen their understanding of ASL by practicing long-form conversations, telling stories about their life, and discussing deaf culture. The class will also investigate and analyze Deaf culture phenomena by connecting with Deaf people, reading books written by Deaf community members, and examining the Deaf online presence. 3 credits.