Chinese Faculty

Chinese Course Descriptions

373.111-112 First Year Heritage Chinese
Prereq: Existing demonstrable skills in spoken Chinese. For students who have a significant, previously acquired ability to understand and speak Modern Standard Chinese. Course focuses on reading and writing. Teaching materials are the same as used in 373.115-116; however, both traditional and simplified versions of written Chinese characters are used. Lab required. 3 credits.

373.115-116 First Year Chinese
This course is designed primarily for students who have no prior exposure to Chinese. The objective of the course is to help students build a solid foundation of the four basic skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing in an interactive and communicative learning environment. The emphasis is on correct pronunciation, accurate tones and mastery of basic grammatical structures. Note: Students with existing demonstrable skills in spoken Chinese should take 373.111-112. No Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. 4.5 credits.

373.211-212 Second Year Heritage Chinese (H)
For students who possess native-like abilities in comprehension and speaking. The course focuses on reading and writing. Students will work with either simplified or traditional characters. Lab required. 3 credits.

373.215-216 Second Year Chinese (H)
Consolidation of the foundation that students have laid in their first year of study and continued drill and practice in the spoken language, with continued expansion of reading and writing vocabulary and sentence patterns. Students will work with both simplified and traditional characters. Note: Students who have native-like abilities in comprehension and speaking should take 373.211-212. 4.5 credits.

373.313-314 Third Year Heritage Chinese (H)
This course is for those who have already taken 373.212 or equivalent. Students need to have native-level fluency in speaking and understanding Chinese. The course focuses on reading and writing. In addition to the textbooks, downloaded articles on current affairs may also be included on a regular basis. Lab required. 3.5 credits.

373.315-316 Third Year Chinese (H)
This two-semester course consolidates and further expands students’ knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and further develops reading ability through work with textbook material and selected modern Chinese insofar as feasible, and written assignments will be given. 3.5 credits.

373.415-416 Fourth Year Chinese (H)
Readings in modern Chinese prose, including outstanding examples of literature, newspaper articles, etc. Students are supposed to be able to understand most of the readings with the aid of a dictionary, so that class discussion is not focused on detailed explanations of grammar. Discussion, to be conducted in Chinese, will concentrate on the cultural significance of the readings’ content. 3 credits.

373.451-452 Topics in Chinese Media (H)
Prereq: Completion of four years of Chinese language or its equivalent.
The main focus of this course is to expand the student’s knowledge of four essential skills in Chinese language and to deepen the student’s knowledge of Chinese culture. The course is taught based on various written and visual materials (including newspapers, journals, TV, movies, and short novels) to improve students’ reading comprehension, maintain conversation skills through class discussion, increase understanding of the culture and society of China, and enhance writing ability through short compositions and a writing project. 3 credits. Not offered every semester.

373.491-492 Fifth Year Chinese (H)
Prereq: Completion of four years of Chinese language or its equivalent.
Fifth Year Chinese is designed for students who finished either the fourth year regular or the third year heritage Chinese course at JHU or its equivalent and wish to achieve a higher advanced proficiency level in Chinese. The goal of the course is to help students further develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills cohesively and to enhance students’ understanding of Chinese culture and society through language learning. 3 credits.