Korean Faculty

Korean Course Descriptions

380.101-102 First Year Korean
Introduces the Korean alphabet, Hangeul. Covers basic elements of the Korean language, high-frequency words and phrases, including cultural aspects. Focuses on oral fluency reaching limited proficiency, where one can handle simple daily conversations. No Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory. 3 credits.

380.201-202 Second Year Korean (H)
Prereq: Existing demonstrable skills in spoken Korean.
Aims for improving oral proficiency and confident control of grammar with vocabulary building and correct spelling intended. Reading materials of Korean people, places, and societies will enhance cultural understanding and awareness. Project due on Korean cities. 3 credits.

380.301-302 Third Year Korean (H)
Emphasizes reading literacy in classic and modern Korean prose, from easy essays to difficult short stories. Vocabulary refinement and native-like grasp of grammar explored. Project due on Korean culture. 3 credits.

380.401-402 Fourth Year Korean (H)
This course is designed for those who have finished AS 380.302 or beyond advanced mid level of competency in Korean in four skills. By dealing with various topics on authentic materials including news, articles on websites, short stories, this course aims to help students enhance not only linguistics knowledge and skills, but also current issues in Korea. It is expected that, by the end of the term, students will be able to discuss a variety of topics and express opinions fluently in both spoken and written language. 2 credits.