Hindi Faculty

Hindi Course Descriptions

381.101-102 First Year Hindi
This course prepares students to function in everyday situations in the Hindi-speaking world. Focuses on the acquisition of basic vocabulary and grammatical structures in culturally authentic contexts through listening, speaking, reading, and writing comprehension. Hindi reading and writing is taught in its original Dayva-nagari script. Oral-aural drills in class and work in the Language Lab is required. Note: Students with existing demonstrable skills in spoken Hindi should take 381.105-106 Accelerated Beginning Hindi. 3 credits.

381.201-202 Second Year Hindi (H)
Drawing upon Indian epics, history, fables, and folk tales, the course places language training in its socio-cultural ethos while imparting instruction for speaking, writing, and comprehending Hindi. At the completion of the course, students will be well equipped to initiate, sustain, and close an everyday conversation; write letters and short compositions; read, with full understanding, simple texts dealing with personal and social needs; grasp the main ideas and information from commonly used audio-visual materials. 3 credits.

381.301-302 Third Year Hindi (H)
Promotes the active use of Hindi in culturally authentic contexts. Development of fluency in oral and written communication is emphasized. Prerequisite: 381.201-202. 3 credits. Not offered every semester.