The Center for Language Education offers advanced ESL courses, providing the tools to enhance non-native speakers’ ability to communicate more effectively in English in both professional and academic settings. Programs are available for Johns Hopkins students, fellows, and non-affiliated professionals.

ESL for everyone

For those who wish to improve their academic and professional speaking and writing skills, and are not eligible to enroll via SIS, please register directly through CLE by completing the online ESL application. Visit the ESL Application Information page for more information.

ESL Faculty

Our ESL Programs

August ESL-ITA Workshop – Dates for 2023 are August 7-18

This workshop is specifically designed for international graduate students who will serve as teaching assistants. It is a general introduction to the American English language/accent and the culture of American academia. Over the course of the workshop, students will improve their English language skills through work on the weak aspects of their pronunciation and language usage. They will also learn about the norms of communication with their students, peers, and faculty, expectations from TAs and graduate students in general, and nuances of general U.S. culture that may differ from their own.

We encourage departments in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences to send their incoming international graduate students and first-year international teaching assistants to this intensive 10-day workshop, which takes place in early August, before they serve as a TA. Departments, through stipends or other means of support, will enable students to pay for living expenses during the month of August. KSAS department chairs and administrators should expect an email early April with information on the next workshop.

Fall/Spring ESL Classes

The CLE offers Public Speaking, Academic Writing, and Pronunciation during the academic year. Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows from any Johns Hopkins school, and non-JHU students are eligible to enroll.

Full-time students from the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences (KSAS) and Whiting School of Engineering (WSE) may enroll through SIS. Full-time Hopkins students outside of KSAS and WSE should enroll via Interdivisional Registration (IDR) by completing a SEAM online form.

Applicants who are not full-time JHU students may enroll in part-time study for professional development or personal enrichment for non-credit. These applicants must use the ESL online application instructions to enroll. The tuition per course is $900, with the possibility of tuition remission if eligible.